Thai binding or something

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Thai binding or something
Post # 1
My mother is a full blooded Thai and her family of women have always practiced the dark arts.I have come to a realization that she may have bound me or done something so that I can't see,hear or speak to the dead anymore.I've had this block for the last 10 or so years but my daughter has also got the talent and her spiritual friend has told her that my mother has done something to stop my senses which would be about the time I finally told her I do see and speak to them.
Only recently my vision and hearing is slowly returning but direct contact is giving me headaches.I'm also putting that down to her waning health which i can't help her with.I have tried a few random unbinding spells and now it feels like something is sitting on my shoulder.
My question is did she summon something to block me or did she bind me as I need to find the appropriate spell which won't reflect back to her.
Thanx in advance
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Re: Thai binding or something
Post # 2
Have you done a cleansing ritual or spell? I don't like to do specific unbinding spells only because they don't work for me. What I do is use elemental magic to cleanse my self, as example I visualize fire energy entering me and burning the energy or spell I don't want away. You can use any or all of the elements for this if you want. hope this helps.
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Re: Thai binding or something
Post # 3
I am not fully familiar with Thai magick history (well, not really familiar with it at all). But knowing what I do about how important spirits are in that part of the world, I would have to go with the concept that she summoned something to block you. I know they have those little like dragon pendants or something that you can hang on the door of your house to keep spirits out. Maybe try casting a spell using one of those on yourself. Again, this is just a guess.
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Re: Thai binding or something
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
If someone is physically stronger than you, then you aren't going to win an arm wrestling match. Its the same with Magick. She's been doing it her whole life. She has more knowledge, practice and self confidence, plus, you're blocked. So, get some help, if, as you said, your daughter has also been graced with the family gift, and she isn't blocked, the two of you combined plus the poor health of your mother (my condolences) could make another attempt at an unbinding/warding off spell to work. Worth a try.
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Re: Thai binding or something
Post # 5
Thanx for the replies.I never thought of the elemental cleansing spells and I will also try a combined spell with my daughter.I did get a few chakra stones to help me as well as a crystal to remember my dreams and it's kind of working.Unfortunately as for my mum whatever she used to deal in is coming back to haunt her in bad ways and I'm thinking I may as well just confront her and ask her who or what she conjured and hope she just tells me so I can do something about it.
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