A tip/a lesson ur opinon

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A tip/a lesson ur opinon
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Okay lay out in the bed before u go to sleep. Visualize grounding yourself to the earth and drawing energy from it, stay relaxed and if your subconsciously fearfully of AP just repeat to yourself ur not. Okay to make it easier ill go through steps

1. Lie down before you go to sleep and mediate
2. Connect with the earth and ground yourself
3. Absorb or draw energy from the earth into your body
4. Make sure your relaxed and not mentally freaking out or worrying
5. Making a comfortable connection with yourself and your spiritual body, basically being self aware both physically and spiritually
6. Fully awakening your spiritual body while gently, but willing to be more aware of your spiritual body and losing a connection with your physical body

(My thoughts- terribly hard for me to lose myself mentally physically, basically what im say you don't have to enforce to much, just get the point of what im saying and turn it into ur own methods, this doesn't have to be perfect, so chill)

7. Easiest way to awaken your spiritual body, is to "visualize" the energy you've collected from the earth, turning into "stacic or lightning" and attacking the spiritual body( in a sense)

8. After you've become more aware in your spiritual body, you need to try and hold and grasp the feel of it, subconiously train yourself to get use to it, it becomes a lot vivid now that your in your spiritual body, but the key to all im saying is to relax and dont have fear while u go through these steps, or use this example as an idea to make up your own personal method

Even if this doesn't work for you, it most likely will help make your dreams more vivid, cause your being more consciously aware

Ps. Im not a teacher, ive stopped practicing a bit cause i realize i have a subconscious fear of leaving my body, or getting trapped in my dreams, just writing this site as a personal diary on my rare occasions im willing to start practicing again...If u cant read what i wrote just try and get an idea of what im saying, cause im going to bed and icbf correcting myself...Goodnight peeps
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