Deal with the Devil

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Deal with the Devil
Post # 1
I had a deal with Lucifer. The deal was that I would get people to give their lives to him and become worshippers. I would use the means of lust, glamour, and fascination in whatever ways I could. What binded this deal was my heart. Now I am being enlightened into much more greater things and am experiencing love and all the different meanings of it. This deal is still following me around and would like to know if there is a way to erase it or unbide it? Is there some ritual for that or what could i do? Thank you.

Re: Deal with the Devil
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Not really the one to ask about deities... But by the sound of it... You could just stop doing so, and deal with whatever wrath your particular deity would invoke upon you. Why make some sort of promise you can't keep?

Re: Deal with the Devil
Post # 3
You could do a simple cleansing, as well as a "breaking the cord" ritual/spell.
Each is very simple: for the cleansing, some of the easiest ways to do this are by taking an herbal or a salt bath.
As for breaking the cord, you would need a representation of yourself, one of Lucifer, then tie the two together with a cord. This cord represents the deal you made with Lucifer, and when you cut this cord, you have broken the deal. Afterwards, dispose of each representation away from the other. You can toss them into different streams, bury them in different places, or burn them at different times. The idea being that you two remain separate.

Re: Deal with the Devil
Post # 4
-(Warlock) I was doing this for about 12 years. I took all the consequences afterwards but now I have grown old for this stuff and desire not to do some of things I was doing. It has been 2 years but things still end up happening which is starting to effect friends and family now in order to get to me.

-(DeathLancer) Thanks I will try this and do the cords have to be a specific color?

Re: Deal with the Devil
Post # 5
The cord does not have to be a specific color, but if there is a color that you associate with Lucifer, it might be a good idea to use a cord of that color.

Re: Deal with the Devil
Post # 6
ok thanks i will try this

Re: Deal with the Devil
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
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Re: Deal with the Devil
Post # 8
Deals cannot be broken so easly with those spells.
You need to read some ancient rituals books like " Devil's Bible".
The book is very good. There are many exorcism spells and rituals as well breaking deals with Gods.

Re: Deal with the Devil
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
Depending on how serious the deal was, and yours sounds a more intense form of mildly serious, you will probably have to make a barter or another deal to break yours. Which, when consorting with demons and dark spirits, generally entails throwing someone else under the bus.
Though, if you were given a specific number of souls to be willingly given over, and you have reached your specified number, then now its just a matter of harassment(in which case, it actually is as simple as a Breaking The Cord Spell mentioned above by DeathLancer, because you already paid your dues.) If you made the deal without being given an limit on how many souls you have to get, then the deal to break it will probably be you getting a number for him/it and he/it'll cut you loose.

Re: Deal with the Devil
Post # 10
In my experience if you make a deal with a spirit, and you want to break that deal than just officially state that the deal was not working out with you. Than just stop filling out your end of the bargain. Thats what i did. If you made a wriiten document of the pact then destroy that.

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