Spell to cure arthritis

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Spell to cure arthritis

Spell to cure arthritis
Post # 1
Is there a spell that can cure arthritis?
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Re: Spell to cure arthritis
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Yes, it is possible but you have to make your own ritual. The way I would do it, is get a medicine (Herbal, drug, etc.) and cast a ritual on it. I would get certain entities to help me. I would urge you to read "777" by Aleister Crowley. It has a list of correspondences that you can creatively use to make YOUR OWN ritual.

For example, for money I would invoke the energies of the Planet Jupiter into the medicine. There are many ways to do this, but they best way I found it to work is by visualizing the planet jupiter in front of you uttering it's "ROOT vowel" which I believe if memory serves, is chanting "OOOH" from a deep voice then slowly raising the pitch until it reaches the highest pitch you can possibly state, then form the triangle of manifestation which is placing your left and right hand in front of you palms facing outward and forming a triangular shape with your thumbs touching together and your index and middle finger intersecting so it forms a triangle. I would then channel the energies from Jupiter into me and transfer it into the medicine that would heal my arthritis. Then I would make an invocation with the proper hierarchies of Jupiter (Angels, Archangels, etc.) and then I would chant the necessary words of power of Jupiter that would add more effect to the ritual. Be creative in making your rituals, remember also that after the ritual is finished, that is the recitation, invocation, proclaimation of intention (what you want the ritual to achieve) which is the abundance of wealth, I would meditate the effect happening to me as if it was really happening to me at that moment. Give the words of thanks to the entities and give a final offering... I would recite the invocation you made for the gaining of wealth everyday until a particular deadline which you can set, maybe everyday for 1 week.

Use correspondences, it is very important and for me it makes the entire ritual click.
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Re: Spell to cure arthritis
Post # 3

Liber 777 is not all crowleys work, it is nearly all his Proctors work he just happened to finish it off and publish it, when his Proctor became a Bodhistavva.

Although, I agree with you otherwise, although Rouss101 the approach me and arteziacroix, are trying to suggest Is Ritual Magick, and it would be a ritual not a spell.

I would not suggest ritual craft, without a pre-ritual such as LBRP, LIRP, the middle pillar ritual, SIRH etc.

Personally in my experience an LBRP before the ritual (I do two daily) and a middle pillar ritual after it, is a great boost.

I also suggest you learn how to work with Egyptian godforms, they are a very popular deity pantheon in high Magick.

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Re: Spell to cure arthritis
Post # 4
There is no spell to cure arthritis. If there was, I would be healed. There are meds to ease the pain, but no actual cure. There are meds/herbs to ease the pain. Sorry. I so wish there was a cure, too. Try to eat well, drink lots of fluids, and get well rested. Sorry there isn't more we can do. Love and Light...
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Re: Spell to cure arthritis
Post # 5
Just use biokinesis.since with biokinesis you are able to control body cells
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Re: Spell to cure arthritis
Post # 6
I would suggest you try concentrated cherry juice. And its my belief that we can do anything and heal ourselves... but if you accept the opinion that there is no way at all there's definitely no way you could get a spell to work well enough since your convinced it won't! Keep trying and you will see a difference... until then, do what's suggested to ease the pain and seek the help of a professional doctor if it gets too painful... oh, and try the cherry juice, I've heard it works very well for some people.

I wish you well.
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