Dream Interpretation?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Dream Interpretation?

Dream Interpretation?
Post # 1
Hi all I was wondering if anyone could help me decode this weird dream...

I do believe dreams mean something...

So, it was long dream(Longest I remember)

It starts with me waiting in a mall for my friend (we are supposed to join same company, but havent met yet, just friends on facebook)

She is late, she tells me she gave this exam etc etc
But I dont get bored, I listen to her and smile, we goto salon

Then I am supposed to meet another friend, she calls and says she will be late but I dont get angry, I tell her I will wait near beach. (she is foreigner)

Incidentally I meet third friend and she is upset, I help her with her bag and she cries and hugs me and I tell her "You are one very nice girl, always keep smiling"

Now my best friend(4th) comes below my house and we go outside on her bike, she cant decide what to eat and I say "Its okay, you decide, whatever you wish"

My bestiee tells/shows me what all has changed in city and I get upset, but then I get happy and tell her "I am lucky to have you as my best friend, why have you got dark circles now? not taking fruits?"

As she leaves I cry and try to hide from public, I decide to walk instead of taking a taxi.

Now IDK what it means,in real life I am feeling a bit low and dont talk much with others but in my entire dream I try so hard to smile!

Can someone interpret?
(And my BF was nowhere in that dream :(

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Re: Dream Interpretation?
Post # 2

Perhaps it represents how you are trying to put on a facade to please others. As you are constalty "sacrificing" yourself for your friends (Not getting bored and listening, friend being late, comforting your sad friend, letting your best friend decide what to eat, etc). Throughout this entire experience you are also trying to look happy by smiling. Perhaps it can represent how you don't want your friends to see your true emotions and thus you cover it up by smiling. I wouldn't be worried that your boyfriend wasn't in your dream, because with my interpritation that would mean that you don't have to pretend or hide your emotions with him.

Again, this is just what I see, so I encourage you to take this interpritation and build upon it. :)

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Re: Dream Interpretation?
Post # 3
THanks :)

That gives a lot of info actually... I should probably focus on restoring communication, but that needs a lot of energy :/
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Re: Dream Interpretation?
Post # 4
The exam probably reflected a difficult situation that forced to prove yourself. The salon may reflect how you wish to brush up your skills or ability to make a good impression.

In the future I recommend the site for dream symbols.
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