A.S with out knowing

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> A.S with out knowing

A.S with out knowing
Post # 1
I won't mention every time it happen but only this particular time. I thought I was sleeping and dreaming, I went to heaven to some type of conference room. There I was told I need to hurry up to complete my goals am suppose to die in five years. I remember I ran then I found myself in my room laying down on top of my body. My soul was going back in but then someone was pulling back out, then someone white came that was standing over me by my side, they told the other person, leave her alone it isn't her time yet, they put me back in my body. Have anyone ever astral project without knowing?
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Re: A.S with out knowing
Post # 2
Hi Magicnique,
i have actually astral projected on accident before. alot of times when im sleeping i feel strong vibrations throughout my body and didnt know until recently that it is the beginning faces of leaving your body.
but it was when i was in college, in between classes i would sit in my car and sketch and listen to music. it was a cold day and so i was bundled up in a jacket. i dont remember going to sleep [i believe i actually passed out, because later my head hurt where it had hit the window] but i remember suddenly lifting into the air and looking down on my car. it was incredible.. i could see clouds that i was above and my car getting smaller and smaller until i 'closed my eyes' because im afraid of heights. and then i "zoomed" [for lack of a better word] to somewhere else and was observing two people .. i wont go into the whole trip, but it was like they couldnt see me but i was there, and then it was like when i had saw whatever it was i was suppose to see i was just sent bak to my body, it was like i wasnt really in control. and when i gently 'fell' back together, i woke up immediately like i hadnt even been asleep and 3 hours had gone by.
its a weird experience, and i dont know too much about how to control it..
but hopefully that kinda helps your feelings on the matter.

peace and love
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