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info about working with..
Post # 1
Info about working with satan, yes I know I said he can trick you, but if you believe that he will, but if you don't he will not, people should work with satan more because he helps people better, the devil should usually not be worked with do to the fact his name means to oppose you. But the devil can be a good ally in some cases, but usually not. satan will serve you better, you just have to remember to not think satan will trick you. Although sometimes if a dark force serves you it can go bad sometimes, but just remember to banish satan everytime after you work with him or the devil if he serves you too. And some people say they are cool with having the devil serve them and some people say satan is cool to have him serve you it depends on the person. If you believe the devil will serve you good then have the devil serve you, if you believe satan is good for you then go for satan. also the reason why I said satan can trick you is because through a curse from someone else he can indeed trick people. So can the devil if you use him for cursing. And if you are a dark magician or a balanced one then you have the choice to serve either, but in my opinion even when these forces serve you you should not do this based off of feelings instead just base it off of spells or prayers.
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Re: info about working with..
Post # 2
oh and one more thing I meant the devils name means opposer, not to oppose you. But if you also believe the devil will not hurt you or oppose you but instead to oppose your enemies then I believe he will be a great ally.
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