Weird dream

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Weird dream
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I was being held hostage with a close friend of mine. The kidnapper was at a stove making food for his dog. We realised that we wll not get out alive and started scoutng for ways to escape. I go into the garden and start picking flowers - carnations - red, pink and a dark purplish blue. Isee that there are no bars on the window of the room where we are, but there is a huge alsation outside.

Funny thing about this dream is that in the dream I told my friend I may know an escape and that I have tried it before with some success, only to realise when I awoke, that the part I told her about is something I already dreamt sometime ago, but forgot about.

I have not watched any TV or movies for the past month or so, but I am in a very restrictive situation at present which concerns my finances and career. I have tried to take this into account and looked up some dream symbols.

I find it weird that could incorporate information from a previous dream into a new dream. I also wonder if there is a hidden message of how to get out of the situation that I am in,if it s my subconscious trying to help me out, or just random playback from the stress that I am under.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

Thank you
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Re: Weird dream
Post # 2
It could just be stress, but looking away from that, it could be telling you that you need help in finding an escape route. You said that you are telling your friend how to escape, maybe its the other way round. Or maybe you need to apply old knolage to get out of your current situation, hense the using a previous dream thing???

Sorry about my spelling :)
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Re: Weird dream
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thank you for your input.
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