About spells?

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About spells?
Post # 1
Hi all I have a few doubts, hope I'm not bugging you :P

1. Is it true that if you are very religious(praying to God and going to Church/temple) you cant learn magick? Or it wont work?

2. When we cast a spell or go for psychic readings, is it our soul/guardian angel or guide helping? Or universe? Or spirits(demons)?

Someone told me when you cast a spell or go for psychic readings, demons intially help you in getting your goals, but then they start controlling your life and take you to bad path :(
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Re: About spells?
Post # 2
1. No matter who you are or where you go you can always learn magick. There are many people who believe in magick and in the Abrahamic religions.
2. There could be any number of answers given to this - I think it's best if you decide for yourself.
3. Whoever said that is both wrong and right. You can ask for the aid of demonic entities in spell casting, but no they are not what immediately causes a spell to happen. And just because you've worked with a demon it doesn't mean that it's going to take over your life.
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Re: About spells?
Post # 3
I would like to present my views Blessings to all

1)No it's not true God Don't say don't do magic but fact of god is don't do bad from magic some religious beliefs might say that it's a sin to learn magic(Bible as example)No offence but it's not whole truth anyway magic is in you no one can stop you learning if you will so god may not say you can't do magic but In people you will find many who say this that god will punish you bla bla bla because they are superstitious or afraid themselves...So you can free will learn magic god will help if you ask for...

2) yes they all do but in different fields It Depends Whomsoever you called for your work...or is with you already to help.. for psychics spirit angels demons or their guardian spirit angels etc tell in my case I listen to my heart voice that is my spirit guide or soul I don't know that...

3) No they can't just do your work in seconds it take time except sometimes for divination...I read in Demonology that Demons can not just come into your life until you ask to they are bound not to possess or go to anyone until you take there attention that would be Gross Idea to do And every one definitely do something to attract there attention even without knowing that they are doing so...I say Demons are not good nor bad to take work from but they definitely are evil and highly knowledgeable then us...But never EVER take REAL name of any demon or that would be your biggest mistake and then they will take control on your life if you don't know how to deal with them...
Blessed Be...
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Re: About spells?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
1. No. That is the simple answer. How much you cannot or rather will not learn is only a limitation you put on yourself. And how much it works is how much you know it will work - or rather how much you trust in your ability to have a desired outcome in your endeavors.

2. That is interpreted by the person doing the readings. Sometimes they communicate through higher thought forms, guides, entities, etc. Others may have their own explainations of how they are recieving information, you would have to ask the person directly.

Whomever told you that was biased in their own beliefs, of course I am also biased :P And then again it would depend on their definition of demons compared to yours and mine. I can see you are wrapped up in fear about this but honestly, there is more positivity that comes out of witchcraft than negativity (at least this is my perspective). Personally I would say that that person is just trying to scare you.
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Re: About spells?
Post # 5
Vini, I can tell from your questions that you either have been raised in the Christian church or are very close to someone who was. As a former Christian, let me put your fears to rest. What the others have said is completely true. I have been doing magick since before I left the church. I actually first started practicing healing magick while in church. I know several Christians who do magick. It is not devil worship and it does not involve demons, unless you ask a demon for help as mentioned before.

Magick does not constitute faith. Magick strengthens faith. The Christians I know who use magick say they are closer to God than ever. The reason I label myself as a former Christian is because Yahweh and I had a falling out of sorts over some stuff that happened in my life so I started talking with some of the other gods.

If you have any questions about how magick and Christianity can mix, please feel free to mail me and I can give you a ton of Christian spells, symbols, potions, rituals, etc.
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Re: About spells?
Post # 6
No I am Hindu
In our religion we can go to astrologers (Indian)

And IDK how it works but they often give correct predictions, but a psychic is different, they hardly ask your real name place of birth and all... IDK how they find out a lot!

Anyways thanks a lot for all your answers, I have full faith in magick and respect to Religion (Wicca)
I will just make sure I dont call any demon haha :)
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Re: About spells?
Post # 7
The demons do help. But u won't go to the under world unless ur doing a killing spell I think.

May the magick be with you!
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Re: About spells?
Post # 8
Just my humble 2 cents from my personal view and beliefs:
1. All beings not only have the ability to do magic but actually DI magic and either don't realize it or call it by another name because of their beliefs (I.e. luck, coincidence, 6th sense etc depending on what type of magic they Willed.
2. Casting a spell and having a psychic reading are two different forms of energy manipulation, and thus, different energies are involved. It takes years of practice to recognize, manipulate and know just what energies or being you are truly working with.
3. There are as many different beliefs as there are people... and the basis of personal energy manipulation (magic) is the foundation of your own belief system. It is possible that 10 people could work the same spell and get 10 different results... while some would get outstanding positive results, some might not see any results at all... and there could even be one or two people that get a negative result. I would suggest reading as much as you can for months or years on everything you can get your hands on and then start with protective spells. Anything is possible and its best to play it on the side of caution. While 10 people may have worked on a spell with a "demon" energy and been fine, I would not suggest that everyone try because something might go horribly wrong. Just learn all you can and then decide for yourself what you feel is right. Im not saying something will go wrong but I'm not saying it wont either. There is so much that effects an outcome, so the more you dabble with what you don't understand, the more could go wrong. Just your thought of "maybe this is going to turn out bad" has an effect on what happens. Your thoughts are a big part of the magical process.... knowledge is power.. thought is power. Learn, be harmonious with nature and then try your hand at the bigger stuff. Good luck :)
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Re: About spells?
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
Hi vini I am a christian and I practice magic,my father is a hindu. He too cast spells and such but dubs it as "I am a man of science"*rolls eyes*.Honestly it does not matter of your background or upbringing magic is a part of everyday life.If anyone says they dont practice it and it is wrong then they are all hipocits.
Magic is like the prayers you say in thee temple,the symbols you have to represent god and such.What pastors,priests,pundits do to tell you or warn you of the future.The gaurds they make to safe gaurd you or your home and family.
What you did when you were young looking up at the sky and seeing shapes in the clouds that is divination,closing your eyes and listening to a beat and getting all wrapped up in it thats a trance.
Well you get my point.
In magic you chose the forces/entites you wish to work with whether it be good/bad.I like to work with the angels(angel magic) since this gives me a sense of peace.If you are considering any magical path go with one that is similar to what you've grown up with.I am comfortable with angel magic and candle magic because I was brought up in a christian household.Find a path or incorporate things of your nature with your magic workings.Call on the gods/goddess you are familiar with and can relate to help you in your work.
Brightest blessings!
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Re: About spells?
Post # 10
Thanks Kiva and Wizard :)

Really sweet of you

Right now I just want truth and Idk who can help... but will let universe handle things :)
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