So where shall I start?

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Forums -> General Info -> So where shall I start?

So where shall I start?
Post # 1
Hello everyone,

I'm not very new to the concept of magic, I've been theorizing about it for most of my teen-adult life, but never gave enough healthy thought to humans actually being able to utilize it. As such, I've focused on meditation and energy manipulation, but never pushed much more.

However recently, I learned that a friend of mine actively practices magic - confirmed through a very trusted person, and I'd love to unlock that potential in myself which I feel that I already partially understand.

I was wondering how and where i should start, and if anyone would like to share their stories about how they came to discover this aspect of our existence and how to hone it. Also, if there are any very beginner spells I could try out, to get the energy flowing?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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Re: So where shall I start?
Post # 2
As an addition, I've noticed the importance of candles in many/most of the spells I've read. Is there an explanation behind this? Are they used as a method of focus or of the energy that can be drawn from physical objects, etc..? Also, what material would you recommend the candles be made from, or does the material not matter? Are there any reliable vendors which are widespread so I could go out and get some?

Thanks again,
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Re: So where shall I start?
Post # 3
Hello Ska'vek and welcome to SoM!

I first truly discovered magick through a friend of mine and her mother while i was in high school. I studied for a while with them where she taught me the history and about the basis. After a while i chose to go off on my own and do some research.

The first thing that i ever really did relating to magick was a small offering to the Goddess Artemis. After meditating for a little while i sat and asked her to join me. About a minute after that i just sat and talked to her. Told her i was interested in the path of magick and asked for guidance and some sort of sign that she was listening. When i was done i thanked her and went and buried my small offering.

The next day when i went outside i had this indescribable rush of energy and feelings of joy and gratitude. It was a feeling that i could not shake (though who would want to get rid of such a great feeling!) Anyway that is how i came to know magick was for me.

as for your question about the candles..

Candles are good for things like helping keep you focused on your intent of a spell. I dont think it much matters what the candle is made of. That i believe is personal preference. Though some believe that it is best to chose an unscented candle and dress it with an oil to match the intent of the spell as well. You should also make sure that you chose a candle color to the intent of the spell as well as the size of the candle. some spells call for you to let the candle burn totally out before doing anything. If you choose a candle that is to big, it can be counterproductive by making you lose focus while waiting for it to burn out.

Hope this helps. :)
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Re: So where shall I start?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I'm unconventional, but I started with advancing my studies in physics, math, chemistry, and biology. No magic will allow you to defy the laws of the universe, but you can take advantage of these. Only by knowing these can you use them to your advantage.

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Re: So where shall I start?
Post # 5
Hi!(: Seems like you already know much but I would go look at some good books, those ones are like Scott Cunningham (':

- Francis.
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Re: So where shall I start?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I think you should write some goals down, then start achieving them.
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Re: So where shall I start?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
This thread has been moved to General Info from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: So where shall I start?
Post # 8
After discovering wicca, I decided to research more. Then i came upon Chakras, and decided that it might be good to get my energy flowing before I got too serious in the craft.I started looking at some books I had, Silver Ravenwolf seemed to be my best option. I recommend her books.
As for candles, myself, I think that the flame has it's own spirit,and emotion. They're good for focusing. I'd be weary of candle colors, because there are a lot of different perspectives for them. I went through some of them and then sort o chose for myself.
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