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Pagan Paths
Post # 1
Here are a few different paths I have researched on my journey to finding out which best suits me. I wanted to share what I learned with others who may be in my same situation. There are many more than I have listed, and I will update this list soon. If anyone has anything else to add, please feel free to add to this list. Its for anyone who wants to get on track as well as myself. I hope this helps at least a little.

Neo Paganism- Neo Pagans have a diverse system of beliefs. Main points are such as the belief in one high being or the God and Goddess. They have a high respect for the Earth and worship all that the Earth and Mother Nature provide for us. They have a high sense of Divination that is used in their daily lives. They sometimes believe in reincarnation or ?The Other World?. Some believe that after we pass, our life energy continues to flow freely. No person is either ?Good? or ?Evil?. Balance is key in life. Without balance chaos can come into effect. Karma is highly believed to take care of the ones who do wrong or right. You can be rewarded for the good you do, and punished by the forces for any wrong you commit.

Celtic Paganism- The early Celtics didn?t believe in human deities. They focused more on Nature and believed that the elements themselves were the Gods. Later other beliefs merged with theirs and their gods started to take human forms. They never wrote anything down, but passed on what little we know by mouth. Most of what we know today has been combined with other beliefs.

Reformed Druids of North America- they have somewhat a lack of dogma, and follow some of the eclectic traditions. They don?t believe in the more organized religions. They prefer nature as who they should answer to.
Alexandrian Wicca- Shares some of the same beliefs as other forms of Wicca such as the God and Goddess of the Earth. Also they have a 3 part system. To become a with you have to be initiated in. You have your first, second, and third degree. Only a third degree with can initiate anyone one else into the coven.
Blue Star Wicca- Like the Alexandrian Wiccans, Practitioners of Blue Star Wicca have a degree system in which you are initiated in. They are also known for using music and song in their traditions and rituals. They believe in multiple gods and goddesses and each is to their own. They base many of their rituals on the moon phases and each ritual according to the phases. They follow the Wiccan Rede as well as other basic Wiccan beliefs.

Celtic Wicca- Celtic Wiccans use the same beliefs as the traditional Wicca beliefs, but instead use the Celtic Deities in place of the ones from other cultures. Yet, they do not practice the older Celtic beliefs before the deities were incorporated into their beliefs and were humanized to an extent.
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Re: Pagan Paths
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: Pagan Paths
Post # 3
Im interested in paganism. Would you know of the best beginner book that would be most useful to mii? I've searched around but all i tend to find is some some kind of mush of pagan and Wicca.
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Re: Pagan Paths
Post # 4
'Pagan' is an umbrella term encompassing a number of different paths. You'd have to decide which particular avenue you were interested in exploring and then buy the relevant books.
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Re: Pagan Paths
Post # 5
As "pagan" and "paganism," along with the "neo" suffix versions, are umbrella terms, there is no one specific book on the topic. However, if you're curious in pagan paths, and you'd like to find books to read you can look into various subjects ranging from Norse, Celtic, Wiccan, Kemetic, Buddist, Christian/Abrahamic, Pop culture, Satanism, Luciferianism, etc. Finding books on these different topics isn't very difficult, as well there are many online sources right at your finger tips, only a few clicks away. All you need is a little time.
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Re: Pagan Paths
Post # 6

Many of the beginners books on Kemeticism are going to be either a blend of Wicca and traditional parts of the beliefs, practices, culture, etc, of Kemet/Tawy, or a blend of New Age (general New Age concepts) and such tradition parts.

I can recommend several, however, I do want to note that everything in the books should not be followed to a tee. Some of the best books I've read for beginners have information definitely not intended for beginners. Take everything with a grain of rice and research it fully before you perform or believe in it. ;)

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