My custom divination.

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> My custom divination.

My custom divination.
Post # 1
So I learned the best divination method ever.

I ask a yes or no question by praying. And then the answers come to me as feelings...

But why does this divination usually bring negative energies and bad entities to me? Am I opening a portal to a bad world?
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Re: My custom divination.
Post # 2
I usually cleans my area when im doing divination. like burn sage and ask my gods and goddesses for protection be for you do it. It's very importantnto keep your working space clean and protected when messing with spiritual things.
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Re: My custom divination.
Post # 3

Polar, what's happening is that you are not grounded. When you aren't grounded, you open yourself up to doubts and fears. You have a history of being constantly worried about bad luck, negative entities, and other bad things happening to you that you are feeling this when you ask your discernment.

A person's discernment is their Heart Voice. It's what connects us to the greater whole that we are all a part of. It will always tell you the truth, if you listen. This can manifest itself in whole answers, not just yes and no. It can also just be feelings, like you've experienced.

Please note, that unless you're grounded, any answer you get will almost always be crap.

Ground yourself. When you are and you feel your fingers and bottoms of your feet tingling, then ask. Don't focus on hearing an answer, because you'll likely "make yourself hear one" instead of it coming on its own. Focus on your feet, and listen. This way you know when you stop being grounded. If you become ungrounded, ground and repeat.

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Re: My custom divination.
Post # 4
I've always used my Tarot Deck. Since the outcome can be both negative and positive I not able to focus on just one which in turn helps me to keep a clear mind as to not make my reading biased based on my feelings. Then you get a more solid answer :)
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