I really need a help

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I really need a help
Post # 1
I just wanted to ask you all if anyone heard about that :"Egg healing ritual" i knew it before but i didn't write how exactly ritual goes and i need it to heal my friend from illness. There was that spell when you rub the whole egg all over the body and then crack it there was always black dots in it, as a sign of success.. If anyone know about the ritual pls help me, or write me any really good healing spell... Thanx
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Re: I really need a help
By: / Novice
Post # 2

There are about a billion different rituals in the world that were invented by a bunch of random people so I haven't heard of that but I highly doubt it would work

I don't think rubbing an egg on someone then cracking it will make the egg get black dots nor will it heal anyone because it honestly seems that'd make them sicker by rubbing an egg all over them (They can get some type of poisoning I forgot what it's called but it's what you can get from eating raw chicken)

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Re: I really need a help
Post # 3
..... no one eats raw chicken or
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Re: I really need a help
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I heard about this, it's a purification ritual that is supposed to cleanse by moving the negativity from whatever you are purifying. The concept is to roll the egg along the surface of what you need to cleanse, take it outside, and crack it open where the negativity will be left outside.

I don't have contact with the witch who told me about that ritual, but I never really tried it myself.
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Re: I really need a help
Post # 5
There is a version of that spell in Element's Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, compiled by Judika Illes.

As previously stated it's said that you are to roll the egg over the surface - this one was specifically to rid the body of a personified illness (aka a sickness "demon"). By rolling it over the body - especially to the afflicted areas, and believing that the egg would absorb the problem you could begin the process of healing that person.
one of the methods of disposal was cracking the egg outside. The one Judika advises is to take a winding, twisted path away from the home and then bury the egg in a shallow "grave" before stamping your foot on it and spitting on it.
Good luck in your endeavors!
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