Jinx reversal

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Jinx reversal
Post # 1
About a month ago, I dressed my ex bf's stone box with double cross oil to jinx him and wrote with the oil "suffer" twice. Let's just say he's suffering the effects of the jinx I caused him, along with the breakup trick powder I set at his house. Needless to say, he has repented for the wrongdoing he's done to me and now I wish to reverse and remove the bad work I've done on him. I have not been backfired in any way but only suffering the consequence of feeling his pain. I admitted to doing so to him and have been doing everything to send positive energies to him. I have van van oil, which I know is good for uncrossing. Is it a good idea to just let him keep the bottle so he can bathe with it?
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Re: Jinx reversal
Post # 2
First off, you should have thought of a way to reverse this before doing it, since it seems your intention wasn't permanent.

Jinxes don't have to last forever, if you feel that the jinx has done what you wanted, then simply believe that it is done inflicting a curse upon your ex.
If you want to take the hex apart, cleanse the box, and sweep out the dust you left behind. Possibly have the ex do a cleansing bath of some sort. Though, those probably aren't necessary.
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Re: Jinx reversal
Post # 3
I took the time to explain to him everything I did and everything I will do to remove it. I even annointed him with van van oil. I gave him all of my life force and told him to absorb the light that I had inside of me through the long hug and love making.
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Re: Jinx reversal
Post # 4
You did not give him all of your life force, such a thing is not possible. You might have conveyed what you felt by giving him an entire emotion from that moment, though.
As well, if you're just going to go around reversing your hexes in the end, you should probably just start to write in a time frame for them, something like "this will only last a month."
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Re: Jinx reversal
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Or a caveat, such as "until you repent"
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