Herbal Recipe Tips

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Herbal Recipe Tips
Post # 1
Making your own herbal recipes rather than using recipes others make seems difficult for some and easy for some as well. I will attempt to give you some tips on how to make your own safe and easy recipes.

The first thing you will need to know is the kind of recipe you are making. Is this recipe for love? For money? Once you have the focus of your recipe, you want to research herbs that suit your focus. If you are a beginner, I suggest using herbs you`re familiar with, such as those in the kitchen but even so, you still need to do your research. Examples of herbs that are used for money are Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Although Cinnamon is commonly used as a love related herb, you must not forget its other properties.

When you have the herbs that fit your recipe focus, you must set an amount on how much is to be used. I personally wish for my recipes to have an equal amount of herbs as to not unbalance the energy that is gathered in the recipe, but others may feel that having different amounts is best.

You are not limited to herbs. You may use essential oils, gems and crystals if it is a satchet or anything you wish, just don't ingest anything! When you feel your recipe is completed, try it out, but make sure you are properly cautioned when doing so. Do not use any herbs you are not familiar with and use gloves if you must when handling herbs. I cannot stress this enough. Please be careful. If your recipe is a success, you can share it with others or keep it for future reference. If the herbs are to be burned as an incense, charcoal, a charcoal holder and ash should be in your material list. Other material that should be in your material list but are not needed are measuring spoons, a cone, a jar to put leftovers in, and little bags, or satchets if the mix is to be carried with you.

I hope this was able to help you.
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Re: Herbal Recipe Tips
Post # 2
Thank you very helpful
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