Apprentice at your mercy

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Apprentice at your mercy
Post # 1
I am new to this.
I have a few "problem people"
In my life in which I would like to cast binding spells or some other typ
e of spell to get them out of my life and stop slandering my name but I haven't the slightest idea where to begin.
My time is limited soit can't be a drawn out process.
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Re: Apprentice at your mercy
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Also sorry to burst your bubble, but magick is not the "easy way out". It is a long drawn out process. You must learn to focus, control your energy, and direct it. Some people spend their entire lives perfecting this. If you want a quick resolution to your problems, you might try a more direct approach. Secondly, unless you want to be subject to the Rule of Three, I would suggest you be very careful how you approach magick when it comes to actions against others.
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Re: Apprentice at your mercy
Post # 3

Hello DamagedRose,

As Lewisj8 and Valon have pointed out, magick is not the solution to your problem. At least, it's not the most direct and easy solution. In addition, levitation while it "may" be possible after years of dedicated studies spent in developing and working with the chakras on the soles of your feet (this has yet to be proven), it's not going to happen with a spell such as the one you wrote in your second post.

From reading your first post, I would say that these people in your life "slandering" your reputation, name, actions, etc. are not even the source of your frustration and emotional trauma. From what I read, the source stems from your ego. What I mean by this is that you are allowing mental voices/critics to place doubts, fears, and other limitations on youand believe them!

Such ego restraints prevent you from living a full and enlightened life. They prevent you from connecting with the Divine, the Goddess if you will. When you stop being constrained by the limitations that you and others put on you, you open yourself up to spiritual progression and realize that it's not even "you" that they are chiding, insulting, critiquing, etc. It's the aspects of themselves that they have yet to deal with and don't want to accept.

We only see in others the reflection of ourselves. So, if you're being ruled by the ego, you're going to see and hear critiques from others and be hurt by them for the very things you have yet to want to deal with. If you happen to be in the bathroom and had problems fixing your hair in the morning, chances are you're going to be more likely to "think" you hear someone talking bad about your hair, even though they might have been fusing over their own. Just like those same people are going to be more likely to critique other's hair because they are upset about their own "failure" to manage theirs.

So, just close your eyes and visualize a door opening with a bright white light inside it. Offer over your problems, concerns, etc. to visit this door and close it. Tell the Divine that you are letting it handle those problems. You will feel better.

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