Energy Massage.

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Energy Massage.
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Its simple really. This is something I learned to do on my own by using a spell I saw on here. Originally it was to concentrate your energy and place it on a cut and it would heal if you did it correctly. I just did a spin version of my own.

This message can be sensual if done with your partner, but make sure that they are willing and make sure it doesn't hurt.

First I cleared my mind, and visualized my energy, and that all of my energy just running throughout my body, close to how the circulatory system looks. Next I took a good portion of that energy (I didn't want all) to flow from the base of my skull into my shoulders, down my arms and into my hands, centralizing it mainly into my palms and currents running into my fingers. Keeping my focus I then started to massage my partners back. I imagined the currents in my fingers, flowing out of my finger tips and into his muscles and tissue to relax them. Do this for however long its needed.

While I was doing this, my hands felt warm and I could feel and almost see(if I concentrated hard enough) the currents flowing.

My partner described that my hands felt to him a bit different. One hot and the other cold, like an icy hot patch. He also said his muscles felt almost tingly, in a good way of course. It also caused him to be slightly euphoric(probably because the pain in his back went away completely.) and he described a floaty feeling when I saw done. He also said he felt very calm, close to meditation.

Again this can be used sensually, could even cause arousal and can be interesting to use on the, uh, "naughty bits". So be forewarned.

If this works for you, share you experiences and if not just keep trying and /or tell me.
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