Change your eye color

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Change your eye color
Post # 1
I would like to share with you a spell which I have just created. Thanks to the words and suggestions of my guides and guardians.

"Changing your eye color is not possible" you can however you can see what you would look like with your desired eye color with these steps.

Stand directly in front of a mirror and stare directly into your own eyes reflection.

In your minds eye, think of the color you would like to have.

Now, will your eyes to change to that color.

Keep staring into the reflection of your own eyes and before long you will see flickers of your new eye color.

Keep staring for longer and your eyes in the reflection will become fully engulfed in the new color. Do not break eye contact or your eyes will go back to normal and you will have to start the process again.
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Re: Change your eye color
Post # 2
Interesting. Another non-magickal way to appear to have color change is to wear certain color blouses or shirts. Blue eyes will appear green if you wear yellow. You can adjust the color by using different color eye make-up. Try it, and see what you can do with your eyes. Blessed Be...
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Re: Change your eye color
Post # 3
If any of you desire to change your eye color through magik. Then don't bother. Its not possible. You can thank hollywood and TV for creating this illusion. The above is a form of skrying.

If you wish to change your eye color then the best way is either contact lenses, or having your pupils dyed however this practice is no longer available but please do not quote me on that.

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Re: Change your eye color
By: / Novice
Post # 4

You do realize there is colored contacts? I have a friend who owns over 100 of them in every possible color and even pitch black and glowing yellow

Sometimes you don't need magick when there is a mundane way of getting the same result

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Re: Change your eye color
Post # 5
He wasn't implying any form of magic, just personal visualization :)

I use contacts though, much faster than standing in front of the mirror ;)
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