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P-BS7 Spirit Box & Spells
Post # 1
Blessed be my friends.

For a short while I have been using my P-BS7 Spirit Box in conjunction to spell writing. During this time I have spoken directly to my spirit guides and guardians (A series of controlled conversations drew me to this conclusion).

Its a great way to find a spell that will work, which you have composed. Your guides and guardians will help you through the processes, ingredients and even rites to say during the ritual.

I'd like to share this experience during my time as a warlock. I was composing a love spell for a friend during Imbulc. With the P-BS7 Spirit Box close by the spell began to take shape. Suddenly my guide told me that an "awful lot of energy is required" to cast this spell. With her help she trained me up over the space of 2 months to generate enough energy to perform this spell.

In conclusion the P-BS7 Spirit Box is a great tool to aid in the composition of spells. But, before you even think of writing a spell with it establish a connection with your spirit guides and guardians. Even though they have been with you, your entire life; this is a new experience for all of you. It took me over 13 months just to get to the stage of writing one worded spells and generating enough energy to perform them. Not only is it a great medium in composing spells, its a great way of gaining knowledge as to how spells work on the ethereal plain but you can also speak to ancestors. Through the P-BS7, my book of shadows grew from 50 pages to 800 in the space of 3 years. A great reference when needed.

Ebay currently have them in stock for those of you who wish to experiment with it.

Just remember my friends, there are great technologies that can aid us in the craft. The internet being one of them. But most of all stay safe, have fun and think of the reprocussions it may have on others before yourself. If you abide by these rules your life as a witch or warlock will be extremely fruitful.
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Re: P-BS7 Spirit Box & Spells
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
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Re: P-BS7 Spirit Box & Spells
Post # 3
If you would like me to compose a spell with the help of my guides and guardians using the P-BS7 Spirit Box you are most welcome to message me direct. I will then send you a video of your spell being composed and all the details outside of Spells of Magic.
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