Stop Secret Spreading.

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Stop Secret Spreading.
Post # 1
Someone who was suppose to be a close friend has gone behind my back and is telling people things I told her specifically not to tell anyone. Is there a spell to stop her from doing this again? I don't appreciate my secrets and private life being made common knowledge, so I want to make sure she can never tell another secret about me, again. I would confront her about it, but I don't want her telling more, than she already has. It's already damaged some relationships with friends and family, it has to stop. Someone please help me.
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Re: Stop Secret Spreading.
Post # 2
Aside from confronting her directly and not confiding in her for a bit, you can try a binding spell. Also, from what I've seen recommended in similar situations, if she's doing this with malicious intent, you can try a spell that would keep the negative effects of her gossipping and secret/rumor spreading rebounding on her. Basically, any time she tried to spread your secrets with the intent to harm you, she'd find herself dealing with a backlash of some kind. But definitely don't confide in her anymore, at least not until she understands that she's hurting you and your relationships by betraying your trust.
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Re: Stop Secret Spreading.
Post # 3
Thanks, this was very helpful. I plan not to confide in her, again. This is not the first time she's done this, however, that was years ago, before we became friends. Are there any good binding spells you could recommend or would I just be best browsing around the site to find one? And is there a specific name for the spell to negatively effect her, when she tries to spread more of my secrets and, again, are there any good ones you could recommend?
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Re: Stop Secret Spreading.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
You can find a bunch of "stop gossip" spells here on this site. With a little tweaking they should work in this situation.
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