my past.

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my past.
Post # 1
I have a very complicated past when it comes to the occult. The very first experience that i had with it was when i was really young. I was about seven years old and was having these dreams which demons would attack me. About a year after that i started talking to people that only i could see. They were real. Then about two years after that, i had my first dream that allowed me to see a future event. I still remember it as clear as day.

About three years after that, i started going to church every sunday( family is highly religious). While i was there, i learned all about spirits, and the things that were considered taboo to christians.

That is about the time i started having cravings for knowledge. I started off with learning about satanism from my friend haven. Then i moved on to the other bigger religions: buddhism, hinduism, judaism. I started off into philosopy too and my dreams were getting more and more vivid and more preminitions in them.

I now study exorcism and magic to try and find a way to get rid of the demons that still plague my dreams, and now i see in my waking hours. I have studied around 50 different religions.

I refuse to argue with any one religion because i already know that all gods and deities are real, along with their mythologies.

It's actually quite a wonder to me how i managed to stay sane throughout my lifetime.
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Re: my past.
Post # 2
Now i am caught between a few practices. None of these include any of the stereotypical "black magic". I practice some Greek and Roman magic, mixed in with just a tiny bit of vodou and Alchemy. I may not seem like it but i am very intelligent and can hold a lot of information in my head.
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Re: my past.
Post # 3
I dont wonder how you are still sane. Instead of going crazy and psychoatic over what you have experienced you have stayed calm and use your experience as a reason to further your knowledge. Hopefully after you have stoped any malicient entities you will stay on the path towards knowledge.
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Re: my past.
Post # 4
I'm sort of the same having dreams of demons, seeing future happenings. I do come from a Christian family but I do practice magick since I have many beliefs its hard for me to stay sane with all of my confusion about things.
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Re: my past.
Post # 5
I think it I a bit funny that I am thinking that something like that but not as bad might have happened to me at a young age and it drove my young mind insane but my intelligent still sane me locked my abillity in my subconscious along with some of memory in and in turn made me into what I am now. A calm 2/3 sane adolescent with mild intellect with bursts of genius, few emotions and strange dreams. Is that correct and/or possible?
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