Source of Power

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Source of Power
Post # 1
You could draw many varieties of powers. Heres a list of them:

Personal powers
Elemental powers
Cosmic powers
Archetypial powers
Spirit companions
Ancestral powers
Animal totems & helpers

Personal powers: includes the energies generated by body, soul, and mind. Like psychic powers.

Elemental powers: metaphysical forces that underline the various geological, biological, and mechanical forces which make up and sustain the natural world.

Cosmic powers: while we only glimpse the surface of the cosmos by reflecting our night sky, it is window to greater reality which governs our world. Observation allow us to conduct magic opportune and appropriate time.

Archetypal powers: universally understood human concepts or symbols which pervade our collective consciousness regardless of time and culture.

Spiritual companions: perhaps the most significant element of traditional witchcraft is also the most forgotten and neglected by modern attempts to recreate the tradition.

Ancestral powers: ancestral lineage written and oral histories, bodies of literature and cultural tradition surrounding the practice of witchcraft are sources of power to unto themselves and all of the these things are intricately relate to the archetypal powers.

Animals totems & helpers: widely understood to employ the services of companion animal to do their bidding.

Divination: New aged traditions have adopted many theories about how divination works, ranging from the psychological to pseudo scientific.
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Re: Source of Power
Post # 2
Spirit companion is like same as ghost? Well.i really dont have the idea.... Thank.u
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Re: Source of Power
Post # 3
Demon, angel etc.
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Re: Source of Power
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I know this gets said a lot on the forums and I don't mean to nag but if you're going to use material from any source, particularly if it's a direct quote, please reference it... ok so i was nagging a little.

I personally find this list to be a little confusing as many of them are not in fact sources of power, divination for example is a type of magic but not a source of energy. The reason for this is that the original article appears to be an attempt to explain a generic form of witchcraft without reference to the cultures or traditions they developed in and frankly gotten a little bit jumbled up in the process.
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Re: Source of Power
Post # 5
I know its confusing. I post it on here to get a better understanding and I did reference it.
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Re: Source of Power
Post # 6
Don't forget Deity/God power. Deities are often used as a powerful source of energy in ritual as well.
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