harm none do as you will

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harm none do as you will
Post # 1
first of im not wiccan and im saying this to get batter understanding to me harm none does as you will is not only illogical but im possible even with just sticking to normal life i will quote newton for every action there is an equel and oppasute reaction i cant wrap my brain around this harm none do as you will will so one explain please
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Re: harm none do as you will
Post # 2
Yes lots of Wiccans already know this.

Its more of a guideline. It's saying more to be aware that your actions have a ripple effect. That to try not to be mean, or judgmental, etc.
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Re: harm none do as you will
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Hi Frake I too was really interested by that saying and so I have done a bit of asking around to others to see what they think,I also researched it abit.The best answer I got was that to different people it means different things no two people are alike as such each person has his/her own interpretation of what those words mean.To some it means to strive to be good in there endeavors(have good intentions and such),to others do whatever you want once no one gets hurt and the last one being If no harm comes to you then do not harm none get the picture.However I agree with Ryuu66 I just thought you may like to hear what others have said on the subject.You can google it.Its newtons law stated differently,in a more poetic sense.Like the ripple effect Ryuu66 was talking about.
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Re: harm none do as you will
Post # 4
oh ok i just took it as face vulue
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Re: harm none do as you will
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
That line of the Wiccan Rede is frequently misunderstood. There is no way we can go through life without causing harm to someone or something.

The line reads, "An it harm none, do as ye will." In this case "An" should be interpreted as meaning "If". So IF an action will not cause harm, then you are free to pursue it.

The Rede is silent on those actions which will, or which might, cause harm. In those cases it is up to the individual Wiccan to decide the appropriate cause of action. Sometimes harm is inevitable or even appropriate. Sometimes we need to reassess our options and choose a way that will at least cause less harm.

The Rede is a guideline to help us look at our choices of action and choose that which is most ethical in a given situation. It isn't a simple rule to live by, and it lays all of the responsibility for our actions squarely on ourselves.
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Re: harm none do as you will
By: / Novice
Post # 6

I agree with Lark. It is misunderstood a lot. I agree as well to what Lark is stating since (for all of my research) it states the same. It is stating as long as it harms no one it is yor choice to do it. Granted, it is only a guideline to live by but so is the bible for others. Those who choose to follow it can only do what we can to up hold/follow it in our own lives. I understand that it may no always be as cut and dry as that when it comes to someone getting hurt. But I try to go by what will not hurt the most amount of people or the worst reaction.

This is my interpritation anyways.

Blessed Be.

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