Dont know what to do!

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Dont know what to do!

Dont know what to do!
Post # 1
Am interested in learning tarot but dont know where to start?
Any suggestions?
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Re: Dont know what to do!
Post # 2
I would look around at a few decks and see which one calls out to you. Once you find your deck, research some of the cards (or one at a time depending on how you want to do it) so that you can get an understanding of each. You could also try looking up a few tarot spreads and do readings for yourself and family or friends.

Some of the decks come with a book that explains the meaning of each card and the various spreads that you can use.

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Re: Dont know what to do!
Post # 3
Thankyou so much i will do that.
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Re: Dont know what to do!
Post # 4
I found with my first deck actually going into a shop and seeing them.. being able to have the box in your hand helps. Shopping when you have time to spend. If none call to you shop elsewhere.

When you get then home do a clearing spread, this is done by laying them out left to right 7 across 3 rows down then pick the stacks up bottom left to top left until they are all picked up. (this should be done after each reading to clear the cards)

Then meditate while holding your cards. When you feel focused and centered begin.

Shuffle (I shuffle 3 x for my smaller cards 5x with my larger ones but whatever feels right for you) Ask for help from whomever guides you to speak to you through your cards. Then cut them and lay them out left to right.

I would start with a Then do a get acquainted spread.

Deck Interview Spread


It is a simple six card spread that allows you to meet your new tarot deck and get to know it. It?s strengths and weaknesses. It?s personality. It will show how it can help you grow, become a better reader and a better person. It is usually the first spread I throw for any deck.

The cards can be laid out any way you prefer, I lay mine out left to right.

Card #1: Tell me about yourself? What is your most important characteristic? The general personality of your deck. This question will reveal if your deck is painfully truthful, a prankster, a pragmatist, a romantic, etc.

Card #2: What are your strengths as a deck? The best features of your deck. This will help decide what kind of questions to ask and spreads to throw.

Card #3: What are your limits as a deck? This card represents the challenges, blocks and obstacles your deck may have. This is also helpful to decide what questions to ask and spreads to throw.

Card #4: What do you bring to the table? What are you here to teach me? We all have teachers in life and Tarot?s higher purpose is to teach us. To show us our areas of growth and help us improve.

Card #5: How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? Tarot, like all relationships, is a partnership. This card shows how to best utilize that partnership and shows you the best way to approach your deck.

Card #6: What is the potential outcome of our relationship? The most likely result of working diligently with your deck.

After you have learned your cards personality, work with them do as many readings as you can and as often as you can..

I would love to be among your first reading.
let me know if I can assist you in any other way.

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