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Trinitarian wicca
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I've heard the term before, but couldn't find much info on the web. From what I was able to gather I've learned it's like a combination of wicca and Christianity, but what is it exactly?
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Re: Trinitarian wicca
By: / Novice
Post # 2 might clear things up.
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Re: Trinitarian wicca
Post # 3
There is a coven called "Christian Wiccans" in the groups section u may lyk to join that
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Re: Trinitarian wicca
Post # 4
The link that Nekoshema presented is a good one. Here is another as well, with the information laid out a bit better.

Both of these sites are run by the same person, Nancy Chandler Pittman, who wrote the book (literally) on Trinitarian Wicca.
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Re: Trinitarian wicca
Post # 5
You should find some of the information at and as someone else mentioned, - the 2nd edition of "Christian Wicca: the Trinitarian Tradition" is now available in Kindle Form at Amazon.
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Re: Trinitarian wicca
Post # 6
Too many links. To clear it up, Trinitarian means the belief of one main male deity. Referring to Christian wiccans you have Christians in the craft and Trinitarian neopagans who use a single male deity to which they worship and with a little Catholic in there somewhere. Everyone's different, so there's no one size fits all terminology.
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Re: Trinitarian wicca
Post # 7
Thank you for the direction to the websites - here is a generalization that Trinitarian Wiccans supports and we post in various forums on the web:

Trinitarian Wiccans work exclusively with the Goddess-inclusive Christian Pantheon. Our tradition is not eclectic, it is not is it ChristoPagan because our devotion lies exclusively with the Christian pantheon; however by the late Issac Bonewits, we are considered MesoPagan. Trinitarian Wiccans practitioners celebrate the 8 Sabbats, the 13 Esbats, and upholding the Wiccan Rede. While we are not a British Tradition or an eclectic pagan path... however, it was influenced by the Dianic and Alexandrian traditions of Wicca. Trinitarian Wicca is a polytheistic reconstructionist tradition based on the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Christianity, Gnosticism, and Kabbalah. If you have read and practiced the rituals from "Christian Wicca: the Trinitarian Tradition" by Nancy Chandler (Pittman) and feel this path is right for you, then we welcome you with open arms. Please read through the essays on both websites: and PDF versions of the original book and rituals from the upcoming book are available for immediate purchased download.

This group will not tolerate individuals who join only to confront us with the "Oxymoron Syndrome" or to debate "if Trinitarian Wicca is a valid tradition of Wicca." Trinitarian Wicca is not compiled of beginners and novice practitioners. This is not a forum to debate if our belief system is right or wrong; if you disagree with Trinitarian Wicca, do not join the group. Please give our tradition the same respect that you would if you entered a forum for Gardnerian Wicca.

Please no excessive reference to the Bible except for historical purposes or creative and constructive analogies. For Trinitarian Wiccans, there are no trappings of patriarchal Christianity. We do not have conflicts with the Bible, because we work directly with the Gods and Goddesses - not the Bible; church dogma does not have a place in our ritual structure. Concepts such as the original sin, salvation, baptism, heaven, hell, and Satan are not conflicting topics for Trinitarians. They have no place in Wicca at all; as Trinitarian Wiccans, we do not differ in this belief.

I hope this helps,
@TrinityWicca - Twitter
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Re: Trinitarian Wicca
Post # 8
I'm sorry but you do not seem to understand what I am explaining, perhaps if you did go to the sites I recommended, you will understand the flaw that like most others are missing, fundamentalists are trying to place 21st century Patriarchal demands on 1st Century Goddess-inclusive Christianity. Trinitarian Wiccans are tritheistic and support the concept of the Social Trinity. Monotheism is simply not possible in Christianity - ask any atheist!

Seriously, if you are sensitive to godform specific energies, try invoking the Good Father, Sophia or Shekinah - Zoe! OMGoddess Zoe is the Maiden of Life that is bouncy spring energy. Mary Magdalene is honored in the June Moon along with the hieros gamos ritual performed on Jesus, that was an alchemical marriage of spirit and flesh reflected. If you know what the Great Rite or the Blade and Chalice ritual is, this is a symbolic form.

We are reconstructionist of the 1st-3rd Century Jewish Gnostic Christianity (yes, that is the correct terminology). Look up Jewish Christianity of the 1st century if you really are interested in educating yourself about this path. Surely you don't think we see the Bible as pertinent? It is metaphor and it serves it's purpose to the mundane, dead of spirit, void of understanding esoteric Christianity.

Trinitarian Wiccans are polytheistic and work exclusively with a multi-Goddess inclusive Holy Trinity. Do not let the term Trinitarian confuse you with the Orthodox Christian definition. All Wiccans should understand the concept of the Triple Goddess and the Triple God. This trad simply features additional rituals that celebrates many Trinities. This approach is definitely reclaiming the Ancient Triple Powers, as well as approaches often described as Social Trinitarianism or Tritheism, which embraces the idea that the Holy Trinity consists of three separate deities, each with individual wills, powers, personalities, and energy signatures. This Trinity is immanent, not transcendent, and capable of a personal relationship with humanity. This tradition is not eclectic, nor is it ChristoPagan; however, Trinitarian Wiccans are polytheistic MesoPagans. Trinitarian Wiccans are reconstructionists devoted exclusively to Deities of pre-Nicean Christianity. Due to patriarchal Christianity?s focus on eliminating the Feminine Divine from cultures worldwide, the Trinitarian Pantheon includes Kabballistic Deities, Gnostic Christian Deities, and significant Pagan Deities absorbed into the saints of Catholicism.
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