Recipe - Good Health

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Recipe - Good Health
Post # 1
This recipe is one that I've developed through personal trial and error. It was devised through prior research on the topic, and certain ingredients have been chosen based on folk-lore pertaining to the matter. The text below is pulled straight from my personal research journal, and has been tested by me on my quest to attain a healthy weight. However, it can also be consumed where weight loss is not the desired goal, simply to maintain good health, so long as it is used in conjunction with a healthy diet.

"I personally devised this potion from ingredients that I've worked with for several months (and this recipe may be modified in the future depending on predictive experimentation). This potion has been tested by me, and has shown promise, although refinement may be needed.

Note - Test with Ginseng Root in the future for potential added potency. It may also be possible to replace the green tea with freshly ground coffee for additional potency, although it should be expected that doing so may introduce a mild laxative side-effect.

2 cups - Water
1/2 Cinnamon Stick crushed
2 tsp - Honey
2 sprigs - Mint
2 bags - Green Tea

*Bring the water to a boil.
*Add the cinnamon first, leaving to steep for ~1 minute.
*Remove the water from the heat, adding the honey while the water is still near boiling.
*Add tea bags and mint at the same time, and continue to steep for ~5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
*Strain into a bottle for long-term storage and refrigerate.

Dosing instructions:

*Imbibe ~1/2 cup in the morning at least 30 minutes before breakfast.
*Imbibe ~1/2 cup at night just before laying down for bed.

Results: Effective

Notes: Only effective when used in conjunction with a restrictive and healthy diet. Tested using a diet where a good portion of caloric consumption came primarily from rice and lean, healthy meats such as chicken and fish. Sugars were heavily limited to those found to be within acceptable healthy bounds. When consumed in conjunction with a non-healthy diet, mild weight-gain was noted. However, maintaining an intake of healthy foods in proper portions should alleviate this effect.

*While consuming in conjunction with a calorie restrictive, healthy diet, ~5 lbs of weight loss occurred per week.
*While NOT consuming, but still on a calorie restrictive, healthy diet, ~3 lbs of weight loss occurred per week.

*While consuming in conjunction with an unrestricted, unhealthy diet, ~4 lbs of weight gain occurred per week.
*While NOT consuming, but still on an unrestricted, unhealthy diet, ~1 lb of weight gain occurred per week.

*While consuming in conjunction with an unrestricted, yet healthy diet, no weight loss or gain was noted, however, I felt much more energetic.
*While NOT consuming, but still on an unrestricted, yet healthy diet, no weight loss or gain was noted, however, I felt fairly lethargic for a majority of my time awake."
-From the personal research journal of Silvanus
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Re: Recipe - Good Health
Post # 2
Be careful when incorporating raw cinnamon in consumable concoctions; cinnamon sticks are tree bark, and high in cellulose content. They're difficult to digest, and can cause bloating and other gastrointestinal issues. Always always ALWAYS consult your physician before incorporating any kind of holistic weight loss methods into your routine diet.
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Re: Recipe - Good Health
Post # 3
The cinnamon itself is not directly consumed from this (as opposed to even most recipes which use it). Instead, the bark itself gets strained out since it is merely crushed rather than powdered, and the only thing consumed from it is the extract that manages to work it's way into the concoction during the steeping period. There is such a low level of it diluted in the overall product that even the flavor is barely noticeable. However, the health benefits are still present

It should be noted that NO solid product is left in this whatsoever. Merely the oils and extracts of the ingredients used. However, I've had better luck using the raw product steeped to acquire the proper amounts of extracts than I have from using processed extracts.

I won't, however, deny that this has risks. Everything in life does. People have died from drinking too much water, or from breathing pure oxygen for too long. Too much of a good thing in any sense is a very real threat to anyone's well-being.

At 1 cup per day, however, I don't feel like these extremely innocuous ingredients can cause any harm. Especially considering that people typically consume them in much larger quantities in many average foods.

I have many other recipes that require use in moderation, and chose to post this one simply for the fact that it is relatively harmless when used with discretion.

If it helps, think of it as nothing more than flavored, and lightly sweetened green tea. Because in the end, that's all it is. The fact that it has health benefits (potential weight loss when used in conjunction with a calorie restrictive diet, eye health, back health, antioxidants, skin health, and many, many more) is nothing more than a bonus. I just like to call it a potion for the added flare and mystique ;)
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