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Post # 1
Vampires are real. Some people may not think that either because they are afraid of them, or have never met one. Don't judge people by what they think, because you have no idea.
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Re: Hi
By: / Novice
Post # 2
depends on what you mean. physical vampires are not real. astral vampires, psi vampires, and sanguine vampyres are real. the first one is astral and therefore a human cannot become one [just as a human cannot become a demon] the other two are human. psi vampires tap into others energy, while sanguine choose to live life as a vampire. they are not a real vampire, they're still human, but they like pretending. [i don't mean to insult any sanguines, you're human who like to act like vampires]

there's plenty of forums explaining this fact, i do not wish to start an argument, but you should clarify what you mean by 'real vampire' because you could mean 'psi vampire' but most would assume you mean 'Dracula'.
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Re: Hi
Post # 3
movie vampires I don't think are real. but in a different aspect there may have at one time been cannibals who drank blood and got sun burn easy.
like werewolf's the myth came from people who had hormone disorder. this made them grow large amounts of hair one a month. (only meant for comparison.) like pmsing it only lasted a few day. as the stories of these people change it became to what we know them as today. so in recap movie monster aren't real but there stories can be traced to events that are SIMALER to the movies.
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Re: Hi
By: / Novice
Post # 4
hypertrychosis [hopefully that's spelled right] is what you're referring to. that's probably where the werewolf myth came from, another theory is people would live close to the woods, sometimes they would see a wolf from their window, when the person ran outside, it was gone, but they would see a person walking down the street, so rumours began. same way people were accused of witchcraft.

vampires comes from a few things, real people and real diseases. as with werewolves, a persons imagination can run wild. i wrote this before in other forums, but i'll paste it here:

vampires are based off people like Vlad Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory. there's even a disease many feel it was based off, porphyria, in which a person's body doesn't make a certain enzyme crucial to a healthy life. as such their skin burns easily in the sun, so they avoid the light. what many choose to do is ingest blood, and organs which deal with producing and cleaning blood in ones body, as a way to get these enzymes. this is what the legends come from, not real vampires.
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Re: Hi
Post # 5
hypertrychosis is what im talking about in my comment. with all myths you have to remember that the people back then didn't know about most disease and through gossip of the people the stories can change
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