Ideal love spell

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Ideal love spell
Post # 1
Can anyone recommend a love spell in which I can cast, something that will tie with the full moon or Friday. But here's the thing, it's a spell that needs to involve pictures, pics on which I want person to look like, and a writing or letter in which I have to write their personality, likes and dislikes, and what I'm looking for in them. Can anyone recommend a spell like that. I prefer a spell in which I can burn it, place it by a window, or tuck it away in one of my drawers, I have incense. I don't want this to be like a curse, i want it sort of like the spell in practical magic. Thanx for reading this.
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Re: Ideal love spell
Post # 2
I would recommend designing your own based off of the tried and true. I'm unclear on what you're trying to accomplish, is it just a particular person or just a general wish to find someone that looks a certain way? If its a particular person it can get touchy as you may affect free will, however if it is designed to open someone up to your affections and give them the chance to see you in a certain light, and not impose a fabricated feeling I'd say that would be fine. As far as being specific to ones appearance I'd shy away from that, and go for something more generalized. You may be surprised at how someone you don't think can make you feel, actually can make you feel. It is all walking a fine line with this stuff, so be clear in your statement of intent, and make sure you aren't screwing with someones free will. Research some spells that follow the formula to how you wish to proceed with and again make sure none of them are to fabricate feelings, its always much better to allow a person to know and love you for you and everything you are than a facade. Best of luck in your endeavors!
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