Break up spell question

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Break up spell question

Break up spell question
Post # 1
Hello everyone!

I have a question about a break up spell I had done. I had pictures of both him and her, I didn't have her real name all I had was a nickname so I used that. I put the pictures facing away from each other and also my petition inside a jar, I added monkey feces, black pepper, fly away powder, etc.

Unfortunately I put the spell away when I noticed that we were going into holy week, I have been somewhat into the 21 Divisions (Dominican Voodoo) and for us that week is a big no-no for spells.

I used to shake the jar every day, praying over it with my intention. As I had to stop doing this because of holy week, I became a bit insecure, wondering if I should do it all over again once these days are over, or if I can pick up where I left off?

I also finally found out her complete name (first, middle, last name) so I also thought about just doing the jar spell all over again since I had a better source of information now.

Various ideas have popped into my head, I have separation supplies like the ones I used for this jar, and I also have a black pull out candle which I thought of setting up and lighting for separation in combination with the jar spell.

Right now, with having to pause my spell for this whole week I just don't know if I have to re-start it from zero.

What do you think?

I hope not to offend or bother anyone with this being a break up spell...
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Re: Break up spell question
Post # 2
Before, I get into anything deeper within this post. Why are you performing a spell like this first and foremost?
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Re: Break up spell question
Post # 3
I would need all specific information on why you are using this spell in the first place
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Re: Break up spell question
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
where the heck did you get monkey poop?
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Re: Break up spell question
Post # 5
Hello everyone! The spell is for my father and a woman he's been seeing on and off. Please do not take me wrong, I have been searching and reading here and there and I understand that spells like these are frowned upon. I hate to see my mother suffer, knowing that she's been a giod woman who's done nothing but raise her kids and stay home to take care of us and my dad all her life. He won't leave and he won't show any interest in leaving my mother's side either. I'm 23, and I have prayed and promised that I consciously take all responsibility for whatever may return to me if this is wrong. As crazy as it sounds my parents have a one year old baby boy which is everyone's joy although unecpected and was a surprise to us all. I really don't seek to harm anyone, but I don't want suffering and issues to hurt my family either. My parents are young, in their 40's and I can understand that as a man there may be other temptations out there (not that it's okay but I can somewhat understand that)

All I had at first was the woman's picture (searching, watching, etc.) And my intention is simply to distance them, I know that if he's still at home and won't accept the idea of leaving my mother then that's a sign there is still love and interest that hold them together but that doesn't make it right if he's still having an affair and my mother constantly suffering over it.

Through calls and the number on caller ID I was able to get the full name, after I had done the spell with just the nickname.

The spell was done about 2 weeks ago but again I think that pausing it and putting it away for holy week may have affected it.

I had bought a black pull out candle which I intended to use as a reinforcement for the jar spell (this is me letting ideas flow and somewhat coming up with ideas). But I am really confused as to whether dispose of the jar spell I did and start a new one or not.

Excuse me for any spelling mistake, I was not able to sit on my computer and wrote this on my phone. I'm also sorry if this came out too long, but there's my story.

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Re: Break up spell question
Post # 6
SilvertWilly I got it from the botanica, I don't know if you guys call it that as well. The religious/magic supply shop have it on the section related to separating, pushing away, getting rid off etc.. You can find bird feces, monkey feces, and I honestly forgot which other ones.At the moment I couldn't believe this when I saw it, hehe.
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Re: Break up spell question
Post # 7
listen I don't know if ya will check this or if it sets and everyone else reads frankly I don't care the only reason I am getting involved is because there is a New born baby the best you can do is support your mother and watch over that child and yea you can hope your parents get back to gather or flash a negative spell at them but it could blow up in your face or not work at all honestly if you retry it I would suggest a spell to shield people from harm first so that way what ever damage you send out is not gonna go hay wire also a black candle is good choice and knowing the names and having both the pictures is also good I would just burn the hair of both of them with the pictures laying in front of the candle and say that you want them to not stand each other to feel the need to get as far from each other it should work depends tho haven't casted a break up spell since I was like 18 and was being immature and honestly it's best just to talk those things out and have proof that the person is a liar and if you don't forge some lol there is plenty of ways to get what you want with out casting a spell and endangering the balance of life lessons
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