weird dream... again

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weird dream... again
Post # 1
Twice I have had a dream where I had to go through some door run a gauntlet and retrieve the item at the end before an evil army beats me to it. It is strange that I would have something like this twice. That doesn't normally happen to me.

1st: I was order to wait by the entrance and wait for her signal to start. but I disobeyed because I knew time was of the essence. I stated to run at full speed and going through a whole landscape. Snow and even an office building where I had to help people who were about to fall into a pit. I get to almost the end, and I am at a bridge, the guy guarding the bridge tell me that the army is right on my tail. So I leave the area and run off into the wilderness trying ot lead them away. Never got the Wand at the end. This was all outdoors, except the part where i was running through an office building trying to put me a head of the army...

2nd: This one was a lot different yet had the same theme. It was much darker Stone walls Very little light. Very weird puzzles though. You had to jump on a small ledge where a guy was hanging get the poison tomato and jump back to the safe platform and get the eggs, go to the next room and make an omlet for the guy in the next room... I did however get to the end and Retrieve the wand this time. but there was a gap in the dream. making the omlet in the middle of that i left the catacombs with the wand. Everyone congradulating me on my success, but seconds later they were all over me. trying to take it from me. Their personality switched so fast it was scary.

This is the third dream that i have had with Doors in it. Though I wonder why I had two dreams where getting a wand at the end was my goal? I don't watch harry potter, and i haven't played D and D in years (we never did this in our game either). Any insight would be great. Does this have to with working on clearing my chakras and meditatin almost everynight to get them working. That the wand represents my working open chakra?
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Re: weird dream... again
Post # 2
I forgot to mention, that in the second dream there were red lights showing me where to go and i would get hints on what to do. I didn't have that in the first dream.
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