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Post # 1
What do the councils do?
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Re: Councils
Post # 2
You are talking about coven council members, yeah?

Well, council members have several basic options when it comes to assisting their covens in ways members cannot afford.
These options are, right for now, being expressed in the coven's forums, book of shadows (a collection of spells, articles and videos which were published by a specific coven member) and maybe even more for the personal choice of the coven leaders.

I will explain the basic options. You should keep in mind that the options listed here aren't available for regular coven members besides council members.

Coven forum options are: locking threads, sticking threads, deleting threads and comments of their own and other coven members as well. In other words, they can meticulously organize their coven forums if needed.

Coven's book of shadows council members have: Members cannot publish spells or articles for the coven. Council members can. They have the options to add spells and / or articles and edit them if needed. Often council members are asked by their coven members to publish spells they find useful enough to be added to the coven's BoS.

These are the technical options all gathered in one place. That being said, that is not necessarily all. Coven leaders have the free choice to make decision for their beloved coven. Every coven has its policies, obviously. Some coven leaders may grant council members some other duties or abilities (options), maybe limit them as well, or leave them with the technical options they already have. That is all up to the decision of the leaders, who have the free will to make their own decisions beyond the technical options given to their coven.
What I mean is, that there might be additional things but I believe I covered the technical things you were asking for.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Councils
Post # 3

If you're talking about the Council position in an Online Coven here, then I have an answer. If not, then I'm not sure what you mean.

The Council position is sometimes applied for in Covens, or earned. Once you have been 'promoted' to the Council position, you have the ability to add spells and articles/rituals to the site and your Coven's spellbook. You can pin/sticky, or delete posts in your Coven's forums. Stickied posts will always appear on the front page of the forums because they are stuck there. You can also lock or unlock forums, but be sure to ask your Priest(ess) before doing so, because you may accidently delete or edit something of importance, such as the Rules.

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