Taking within the goddess

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Taking within the goddess
Post # 1
Lately I've been into the whole drawing down the moon and the charge of the goddess..I'm assuming my famine energy is more dominant..I love the charge and rush..:) To me it's stronger than masculine. But is the same experience? The high priestess or (female) usually invokes...letting the goddess possess her..and the high priest or male takes the spirit. Hmm is it different?. Or it all depends on how you embrace and accept the femine energy within?
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Re: Taking within the goddess
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It is indeed relative to how you perceive your higher power. I understand the Goddess and God to be direct manifestations of the one God. To me, the sexes are well used to help us familiarize ourselves with the duality within us as well as in our Deities. This relation has been used forever by many cultures, one in particular refers to a female using male energy in most wills, while the male uses the female aspect of his wills. This also adds to the aspect of what emotions or desires drives us forward. Balance is often the back round focus of many ideals. I personally pray to the God, but daily praise goes to the Goddess.
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Re: Taking within the goddess
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
In Traditional Wicca, Drawing Down the Moon is done by the High Priest evoking the Goddess into the High Priestess so that she becomes a vessel containing the Deity. The Goddess can then speak through her lips and act through her body.

Alternatively, the High Priestess can perform a Drawing Down of the Sun, in which she evokes the God into the High Priest and he then becomes a vessel for the God.

It is extremely rare (although not unknown) for the Draw Down to result in the God being drawn into the Priestess or the Goddess being drawn into the High Priest.

Drawing Down the Moon and Drawing Down the Sun are essentially equal in power and effect, the only difference being which Divinity is being drawn down into which person, High Priestess or High Priest.
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