Tarot Explanation

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Tarot Explanation
Post # 1
I've been practicing tarot reading for over a a month now and over the past 7 days now matter how I shuffle or mix my deck I always seem to get either the Wheel of fortune reversed or the three of swords reversed in my ear future. It kinda starting to creep me out because its ALWAYS these two cards in the same position. Could it be just dumb luck ... or something else.
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Re: Tarot Explanation
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I was in a similar situation with my deck earlier this year; I kept getting the tower over and over and over and over, and I kept dismissing it as my inability to shuffle properly. I got that creeped out feeling you mentioned...but I ignored it :( Turns out I should have taken warning, because literally EVERYTHING in regards to my living situation fell apart shortly thereafter. That doesn't go to say that bad things always come of bad cards or anything, or that very repetitious cards are trying to "tell you something", but it's definitely good to reflect on the frequency of the occurrence. Your cards seem to be indicating change is coming, so maybe you might want to consider doing a more indepth spread to discern if it's going to be good or bad? That way, you can be better prepared. Or maybe there's a change already at hand that you're struggling to accept? Reversed 3 of swords is also a reminder that even if times are tough now, or things are up in the air, brighter and more stable times are ahead.
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Re: Tarot Explanation
Post # 3
You all make some interesting points and give some points of view that I wouldn't of thought of on my own. Thanks for your replies.

And I did do another reading today and I did get an inverted wheel of fortune again but in my near past while in my near future I got an upright ace of cups. So I'm hoping that the tides have changed.
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