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Post # 1

I have never had an interst in magick before, I'm not someone who has seen strange things or has felt '' a gift ''. Im not a natural born '' witch'' if you understand what I mean. But I am very open-minded, and my mother always believed this kind of things. I want to learn. I have some questions! Please try to answer as manyh as you can, if you don't mind. I couln't get wiser from the faqs, newbie and other forum threads.

1. How to know if you've meditated well enough to start a spell?
2. What exactly is grounding and how to do this?
3. What exactly is centering and how to do this?
4. What are some easy ( chant ) spells to start with? ( harmless )
5. How to improve your magick ? Any possibilities to find a '' teacher '' on this website? Corresponding together?
6. How to find your element?
7. Any info about your guardian?
8. Do people have their own special gift, and if so how to find out about it?

I am willing to work on this and I believe but I'm also a bit afraid. I heard some scary things going around, like people becoming out of their mind, being traumatized for life because of a spell. Or the backfiring.
I want to ( in the far future of course ), be able to do chant spells, know my guardian, my element and be able to make my own spells. I don't want to use any ingredi?nts or anything to dangerous or hard. But if you could help me getting started, it would be amazing! I thank you already so much in advance, I know I asked so much, but you all seemed very nice in the other forums, so I thought, I'll give it a shot! :)
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Post # 2
All the things you speak of are elements that you will learn with long practice and study. First you have to lose yourself and find yourself again. You have to conqure your fear and disbelief and approach your path through fresh eyes. If you do not do these things then no spell or chant is going to work for you. Think of it as a journey of self discovery. Like when you were a child. Start at the beginning and work your way up. You will do just fine. I am willing to guide you if you wish but that is all I or anyone really can do. For it is your path and it really cannot be taught. You have to find it and get up the nerve to walk it.
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Post # 3
If you're willing to "work on this", then you should look into answering your own questions. There is a lot of info on each of the questions you asked. Now I know there is a lot to read on this site, but just use the search bar to find answers. Also you need to work on learning the basics. This will teach you how magick works. For a start, put Basics in the search bar, and go from there. Also a site called would be a good easy read for all your questions. It has a search bar too. Put wicca basics in it, and enjoy.
Read as much as you can on magick and paths. Also there are free downloads of many books. Cunningham pdf download in google will be a good start. sacred texts is another for books.
May you find what you seek. Do the studying and learning, and you will succeed. Blessed Be...
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