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Forums -> Herbalism -> How to start?

How to start?
Post # 1
Merry meet! I have always liked Earth and lately became more interested in herbalism. But I have no clue where to start?! What herbs should I use an learn about? Can anyone recommend some books? Thanks in advance and BB )o(
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Re: How to start?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Raymond Buckland is a good author
also read the articles here on Herbs (there is a list of them).
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Re: How to start?
Post # 3
I personally love the book "The herb book" by john lust. It supplies a lot of the uses of herbs from medicinal properties and uses to even what herbs create different dyes.
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Re: How to start?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Well, I too have just started about four months ago. Herbalism is a very big thing and theres a whole lot to learn about, since there's so many herbs and each herbs have their own properties. Not to mention herbalism isn't only incense, but oils, brews, potions, and so on...

Now I haven't gotten very far past incense and herb mix making and some brewing, so I'll tell you my knowledge on making loose incense.

When i first started, I did basic reading up online and asked a lady at a new age store about it. she suggested the best way to begin is with loose incense and a block of charcoal in a fireproof dish (I use my Cauldron, which i brought that day).
I then went on several sites and found lots of herb sample kits, giving you many (10-50 depending on price) small baggies (usually about 2 tablespoons) of random herbs. Most kits come with information and properties of each herb and incense recipes. Its very helpful. If you need URLs pm me

after you gather your herbs, you can start working once you have a nice set place and a mortar and pestle. Learn about the properties and mix the right herbs by correspondances to the intent of the incense. Example: Banishing - Angelica, frankincense, Hyssop, Thistle. Sleep aid - Lavender, jasmine, chamomile. Healing - sandalwood, Rosemary, juniper. And so on...
Place the herbs, after empowering them with touch and mental/verbal statement, then grind the herbs and resins (easiest to do resins first). You can store them in anything really, I personally put my mixes in small medicine bottles with a lid. But you could use glass bottles, plastic baggies, countainers, etc.
to burn, fill a fireproof dish with sand and light a charcoal disk, wait for it to turn redish and then sprinkle the herbs on top. some herbs smell a litttle strong or could make you gag or smoke up the room a lot, so be careful and open doors and windows.

Herbs are really wonderful to work with, personally I love doing it so learn all you can. Also, you might wanna keep a another book similar to a Book Of Shadows but for Herbalism.

I wish there was more I could share with you about herbalism but this is all i know, so I hope it'll be useful.
blessed be.
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Re: How to start?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
What I did to start was , I put "medical herbal properties " into Google . And read all that came up . Once I had familerised myself with it I baught a herbalist encyclopedia . I'm still reading it now and I've had it since last Christmas .
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