Dedacation to satan.

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Dedacation to satan.
Post # 1
Has anybody dedacated his/her soul to satan,what are your experences? Is life a living hell? Or is life amazing and perfected. Does he help you?
Help me out here people.
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Re: Dedacation to satan.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Can't stand for everyone's experience, but here's mine.

After much forethought I decided that it was the "correct" decision. So, by the dark or the New Moon and the light of a black candle, I began my ritual. It was successful for the most part. However, no matter how deep I cut or pricked, my hand refused to bleed the ink for my signature. (I decided to mix my saliva with red acrylic paint as a substitute.)
Three days after the night I performed the ritual, I began spitting up bile accompanied by terrible migranes. By the end of the third day, I decided I couldn't go on like that. I took out my gold and white candles and reversed the binding spell.

It might have been the wrong choice, or perhaps it was a test. Maybe that was His way of telling me that I was unfit for His army. Or maybe my body couldn't handle the overwhelming amount of negative and destructive energy that had wrapped itself around me.
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Re: Dedacation to satan.
Post # 3
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Re: Dedacation to satan.
Post # 4
Hello I dedicated my soul to Lord Satan about three months ago. Life is not a living hell, nor is it a Hollywood dream. Unlike what they show in movies you don't all of a sudden get super rich and powerful once you dedicate. You can have anything you want you just have to earn it.

The goal of Satanism is to reach the Godhead. You have to learn to do for yourself be it through magick or any other method. It seems to me that the other guy who shared his experiences, was having his third eye opened. The more your third eye is calcified the worse it hurts. You can go here for more info
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