How do I make a spell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> How do I make a spell?

How do I make a spell?
Post # 1
Hey, i was just wondering how everyone says to begginners to make their own spell as it will work for them eaiser soo..i was just wondering how to go about doing that (oh and i only use white or grey magic not sure of thats relevent just thought id put that out there)
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Re: How do I make a spell?
Post # 2
In order to make a spell you need only a few simple things: Intent (knowing what you want to happen) and yourself! Just by telling/asking the universe and magick to do something you've done a simple spell.
Although many people add in things, like specific wordings or chants.
They might add in herbs based on how they've been traditionally used.
They may incorporate candles depending on the availability.
Essentially, a spell can be anything from a simple wish to a long, drawn out ritual.
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Re: How do I make a spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
With one that is just beginning, I recommend the KISS method.


Not calling you stupid of course.
But the simpler the better.
Figure out the goal or intent of the working and what is it you wish to accomplish. I'd recommend not starting with something where timing is important. In some traditions, moon phase is crucial, while in others its not significant.
For making your words and thoughts stronger you can write your spell into a rhyme to be spoken aloud; this makes it easier to remember your spell, you can also chant your spell to raise energy.

Despite this being simple way of looking at spell construction, it does work effectively. You may wish to keep a journal or make notes in your Book of Shadows during the spell construction phase, and then keep track of results as they begin to manifest.
I hope this helps.

Love and Light,
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Re: How do I make a spell?
Post # 4 totally new to this, sooo, i didnt understand a word of that... :/
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Re: How do I make a spell?
Post # 5
i just improvise and try put my energy in it
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Re: How do I make a spell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Hi Xx kari xX so most people would tell you to create your own spell.So first off figure out what you wanna do.Make sure it an easy spell.Some easy stuff are money spells,friendship spells and attraction spells.these spells draw things to you.So be positive when your saying(casting it).
Second when you figure out what spell you wanna do get some inspiration just like art or writing.Look through the spells on this site and see how the spells are structured.If you like one you can either try it they way it is or my favourite use the topic and based off of that persons spell make up your own
Third you can incorporate things in your spell like candles.Now you dont have too its optional me I just picture it in my head.So thats number three visualization.Visualize what you want.Its like a daydream except your thinking of what you want the spell to do.In other words focus/concentrate on what you want (like when the teacher is asking questions and you chant not me over and over again and you think about someone else for her to call on)yeah dats magic for you.

Also when making your own spell don't just go with the first words that pop into your head.Just like art you need to keep trying different ideas.You can also make the words rhyme if your good at that.

Hope that helps I tried to simplify the basic stuff for you.
So if it was helpful I would love for you to message me your first spell.
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Re: How do I make a spell?
Post # 7
First, you have to decide what you want the spell to be about. Next, you have to draw a circle around yourself to focus thee power on you. Then, recite an incantation to help you focus your power. You might want to use your own blood if you are making a potion to protect or someone elses. it all depends on who or what is targeted by the spell. after that, feel the power flow up through the ground and out your body as you work your magick. Finally, close the invocation or spell by saying something like i thank thee for thy help. again this is a really broad topic but if you focus and you will it and you use materials to assist in the magick you shalt be successful. Hope it goes well!
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Re: How do I make a spell?
Post # 8
make your first spell something easy that has to do with luck or money. dont mess with anything spiritual like conjuring or summoning or anything advanced because it could go wrong and you will be regretting it. dont ever mess with the spiritual magick unless you're ABSOLUTELY SURE of what youre doing. keep it simple.
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