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new to wicca
Post # 1
Hello. I have recently been introduced to wicca in the last year from my mom who purchased a book out of couriousity. I read the book and soon became indulged in the religion. I love every aspect about it and i am completly open to becoming a wiccan myself. The only problem is that my mom doesnt beleive i should practice wicca. If anyone has any advice on telling here that wicca is a good nature based reliogion i would love to hear some advice.
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Re: new to wicca
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
check these sites out

also there are pros and cons to every religion and no two people in the world will share the same beliefs.Wicca is a great religion as it teaches one about nature and spiritual development.There is no discrimination in the wiccan society and people are genuinely very helpful.

Just be persistent and show your mom all the good things of being a wicca has to offer.I hope your mom comes round.
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Re: new to wicca
Post # 3
it depends ancient catholic churches did white magic under power of god (like myself) so i wouldnt say its bad just depends some people first start good then get hungry for more power just have self control n use under complete virtue
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Re: new to wicca
Post # 4
Let me give you some basic tips you should know:
1: Wicca is NOT witchcraft (They are very separate things but the two can be done together and commonly are done as so)
2: There is no white magic or black magic like some people say (These don't exist as good and bad are subjective)
3: Do not EVER read books about Wicca or just anything from Silver Ravenwolf (They're complete trash and truly insult real Wicca)
4: Learn as much as you can about Wicca before actually making it a part of your life

I'd also highly suggest you look at your local library for Scott Cunningham books as they are great for anyone new to Wicca
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Re: new to wicca
Post # 5
I like to think that most wiccans can convince people wicca is a catholic/Christian based religion! I told my parents that wiccans worship nature which is "basically" an extension of God - though I don't believe this myself- and that wiccans just have a greater spiritual understanding of what god gave us. (I dot believe this it was just the most simplistic explanation I could think of that my parents wouldn't get angry at) hope this helps! BB )o(
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