Something that I HATE

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Something that I HATE
Post # 1
here's something that makes me say "y me?" So I think this site, and a video game r literally the only times I'm happy. My brother beats me up and my house is a mess and I clean alot, my sister is a dbag threatining to choke/bite me and though i have a really good family I do a lot of things like cleaning, I also am failing school and I just can't remember a lot of things and my mom calls me a perfect child but I'm not cuz I'm practically failing at EVERTHING i have practically no idea y I'm posting this mabey it's just for help, is there a spell to help me with cleaning and school? At all anything helps

Love light- pyrplepiggy
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Re: Something that I HATE
Post # 2
Ave purple,

I see your problem, I don't have it so it is not mutual, so these are suggestions rather then tips, unless you see suggestions as a form of tips :).

1. For your siblings I would suggest, a simple protection rite... Nothing too hard as you strike me as a beginner. Also try to be friendly to them and maybe sort out any "issues of hatred"

2. As for cleaning, I honestly can't say anything. Maybe getting some help... But in this suggestion I don't think "Magick" is our best solution.

3. School... Wow. I love school honestly, can't get enough of it.
But I know how the new generation have not taken to school as much, I am roughly the same age as you maybe younger.
What I do is NOT a spell, it is a technique, I use meditation, yoga etc. To empower and "train" my mind in order to evaluate information more.
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Re: Something that I HATE
Post # 3
Okay thank u and I loved school until I became home schooled cuz no one helps me and then expects me to get it then wen I don't it just is hard but other than homeschool I luv school XD
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