Shall I try this spell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Shall I try this spell?

Shall I try this spell?
Post # 1
Hello there. I am new to Magick. I stated studying the Basics and Basics Expanded from yesterday. Today I will begin meditating daily. I want to cast a love binding spell as my first spell to bring my ex back. I believe I will be able to cast it in a month or two. Have you tried this particular or such spell? Did it work for you? Will it work for me on the first time?

The spell:

This spell is definitely not ethical, but it is very effective. Remember that magic is a two-way street, and that you will be equally bound. Sprinkle dried white roses with almond oil and burn them inside a magic circle as you recite the spell. Add slips of paper with your names written on them if you have trouble getting the roses to burn. Say:
By all that lives on land and sea
by the incoming and the outgoing
by the odd numbers and the even
by the power of three times three
thy waking thoughts shall be of me
from now throughout eternity
no peace or increase shall you find
until your hand is joined in mine
I bind thee heart and soul and mind to me
I bind thee eyes and thoughts and loins to me
I bind thee to me forever
with cords of velvet longing
by the white rose and the rosemary
by the caverns and the groves
by the silence of the mountains
by the chasms and the standing stones
I bind thee forever to me
with cords of silken danger
Isis, Astarte, Ishtar
Aphrodite, Venus
I bind thee to me forever, so mote it be
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Re: Shall I try this spell?
Post # 2
Well, it sounds like s winner, but the only thing is would you ask the permission of the Goddess if they will allow themselves to help you with this binding because i notice you didn't add asking the help from the Gods.and to thank them once your done with the casting.Quite a spell you created.
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Re: Shall I try this spell?
Post # 3
The spell is not mine :) I found it on a website. What do you think ravenlaine?
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Re: Shall I try this spell?
Post # 4
Winchester, you were told repeatedly on public chatter that you are not yet ready for the spell. You have obviously ignored exactly what was told to you and went around asking the exact same questions in the forums, where you will get the same answer.
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Re: Shall I try this spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Carrie bolt is right . We gave you a simple answer and you didn't listen to us ! You are simply blind , we have tired helping you but I give up with you . You go and do that spell and then it goes to pot . Do not come to us two when you can not solve it .
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Re: Shall I try this spell?
Post # 6
I agree, although that was a little unnecessary lewis. Winchester, the spell WILL NOT WORK, because you are NOT ready! Its that simple, end of story.
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Re: Shall I try this spell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
It won't work because you haven't mastered the basics
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Re: Shall I try this spell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Let him try... Failure is a good teacher.

I would never say asking a god for permission is a necessary addition... The permission and aid of a deity is only of any value if that deity is of value. We can't say for certain they are for someone else.

When you fail, realize it's not because you didn't ask a deity for help, or because the magic was written poorly, or because the instructions were wrong, or the deity of your choice did not smile upon you. It's because rather than listening to us, and learning, with patience and diligence, you merely try something beyond your level.
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Re: Shall I try this spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 9
I don't know what was said in the chatter but just to highlight that they're not asking if the spell will work tonight and did state that they might be ready "in a month or two".

I would also say that in this instance it is necessary to ask the involved deities if you can perform the spell as it does make reference to them. If you do invoke them (or you may edit them out) then it is always polite to thank them afterwards, just as you would thank a human.

As for the point to hand, even in a month or two I doubt the spell would have the results you're hoping for. To flog that metaphorical dead horse spells for love often don't work out the way we intend, playing with someone's emotions is difficult at best and impossible at worst however most people agree that it is exceptionally rare for it to last particularly long. Personally I think the pretense of a love binding is a particularly poor one as if we assume any emotional aspect wears off you're then effectively trapped in a loveless relationship which isn't pleasant for either party.

If though you wish to press ahead then I would recommend that you do not aim to cast the spell in two months but instead for when you are actually ready. Even if you've practiced the basics continually every day there is no guarantee you would have developed enough and so to prevent disappointment I would simply not attach a time limit. To put some form of context on it I was effectively practicing the basics and reading around for two years prior to attempting a spell, some start casting much sooner than that but as others have implied if you rally want something to work it is best not to rush but take your time and ensure you have actually grasped everything fully before attempting it.
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