I Don't Feel Real:Advice?

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Forums -> Wicca -> I Don't Feel Real:Advice?

I Don't Feel Real:Advice?
Post # 1
I am in need of some advice. I want to incorperate Paganism/Wiccanism (and a little of this and that) into my life, but I am having a lot of trouble doing it. I feel connected to this type of worship/religion, but I am always worried I am doing something wrong or I am not real because I do not seem to regularly practice it. I have many things going on in my life, and I want to to do this, but I have to find a way to constantly work it into my schedule. (I have tried.) I always feel terrible when I do not celebrate a sabbat or leave an offering. Could I please have a little advice?
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Re: I Don't Feel Real:Advice?
Post # 2

Best advice I can give: Get over it.

Not trying to be rude, I have been in a similar state and I can imagine how you feel. At times we miss something, there is no punishment for it, though if you are like me you punish yourself anyway. It took me time to realize that this a daily path for me to walk and work on. If I miss a special day, I do get upset, but I make an effort to not miss the next one. I missed Ostara, I have been busy with the mundane and it slipped my mind. I remembered it a day late, so I will make an offering tonight and let it be.

We have much going on in our lives, often less than we think. Make an appointment in your calendar to remind you of the special days. Do something in regards to the path everyday, make it a habit, even if it is something small. A life long path is not something one can incorporate into their life in a short time.

Give yourself permission to miss a few special days. Get over the disappointment when you miss one. Do your best to make paganism a part of your everyday life.

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Re: I Don't Feel Real:Advice?
Post # 3
Thank you for that advice! I like it that I am not the only one who has gone through a period like this, and I thank you for being direct and to the point. Your ideas are very good and I am going to try them. Thanks!
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Re: I Don't Feel Real:Advice?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
first, it Wicca or Wiccan, not Wiccanism.

don't feel bad, everyones different, so people worship in different ways, some celebrate daily, others monthly, on Sabbats, or never. if you feel bad, try to do something about it. if you know a Sabbats coming up but you can't cast a circle, figure out what you can do as a tribute or offering. Ostara just passed, say you buy a plant, or plant some seeds. if you don't want plants, dairy's traditional for the holiday, pour some milk outside. even something as simple as a blessing or chant is enough.

sit and meditate on the question, the answer should come to you. don't feel bad if you don't cast a circle for every single thing. if you do feel bad though, try to achieve a goal. when i started getting more serous with my studied, and i started feeling bad for not casting circles as often as other pagans i knew, i made a goal to do something on each Sabbat, then i made it a point to have a circle on each one. it was slow, and i know how someone can get lazy, but i did it. i don't cast circles for the esbats but i do say a protection chant on the full moon.
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