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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Aurochs

Post # 1
So I read an article saying that they are thinking of bringing some extinct animals back to life. Such as the Dodo bird and Auroch.

As many of who work with Runes know that The Auroch is connected to the Uruz rune Second rune of the first set Aettir.
what is your opinion on them bring this Being back to life?
And do you think Heathens will interact with The Auroch if they do? and if yes how so?
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Re: Aurochs
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

As a biologist myself, I am unsure how I feel towards "de-extinction" in general. It's a really complicated and unknown area. I'm not sure how feasible it is. There's a lot of factors there to consider, such as how that would effect the environment, the possible shift of food webs if the animals were reintroduced. Not to mention the cost.

I think it would be *neat* if the Auroch were brought back, but I'm not sure outside of that what kind of value they would have. If Heathens were to interact with them it would likely be several, several years down the line. I do think it could hold some signifigance with it's connection to Uruz. But it's all iffy to me.

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Re: Aurochs
Post # 3

Something like the Auroch would be pretty insignificant in the ecosystems of Europe. It's essentially a big wild cow. It would be nice though for it to return to the world of man so that we could study it, and honor it's spiritual value.

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Re: Aurochs
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Considering that the auroch was thought to be a type of fylgja or animal fetch in the past, do you think it has any importance in that regard if brought back? I mean, people could still have an auroch be their animal fetch if its extinct.

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Re: Aurochs
Post # 5

I am sure there are people who have the Auroch as their fetch. After all I'm sure if the fetch wishes to convey strength or tidings of Uruz, it would take the form of an Auroch to condense that message.

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