Ostara Blot

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Ostara Blot
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1

I thought I'd post this for any Heathens interested in doing a blot for Ostara!

This blot goes through the Hammer Rite, Invocation and includes a Meditation as well as a round of toasts. Feel free to liven it up! Ostara rites tend to last a whole night, and well into the next day. It can include egg tosses, egg paintings, axe tosses, sumbels, egg hunts and all sorts of good fun. It's a nice time to get together with other Heathens and celebrate.

Since Ostara was about beginnings and new birth, it's important (in my opinion), to honor the landvaettir as well! Honoring the wights can be just as important as the blot itself. Make sure to make a small offering for the wights, thanking them ahead of time for the spring. If you don't have a spirit house you could make one of these. Or if you've never done a landtaking ritual, now would be a good time of the year.

Since Ostara is seen as a kind of "Southern Idunn", here is some information you can read about her relating to Asatru. You'll find that this include another version of an Ostara blot!

And one more great source for reading:

Have a happy Ostara Blot!

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Re: Ostara Blot
Post # 2
Oh, thank you. I plan to book mark these. I might do some of these sometime this spring or get the supplies to do next year. Thank you ever so much.

I plan to work with Jera in some of my meditations today though. I thought it was fitting at least.
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Re: Ostara Blot
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

No problem!

I have more links and readings if you ever need them.

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