Restoring Physical Energy

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Restoring Physical Energy
Post # 1
I am looking to understand how I can gain my energy back. I have done a lot of work the past couple years, learning through trial and error and on my healing and learning and understanding. I guess I have used, or still am using my powers so much that I am exhausted physically.
I am wondering if anyone knows any ways to restore energy back into the body? or Help build it up. I used to exercise a lot and was in great shape. now I am feeling pretty weak and want to get back to my high level of functioning.
I think I've lost energy from over using my mind and power, not eating good enough, and not enough proper exercise.
Plus spontaneous astral projecting at night when I'm asleep.

I am wondering what kind of stones/crystals, herbs, spices, foods or practices anyone knows of for restoring power? and building it back up.

Are there any ways also to keep yourself from spontaneously astral traveling, or other activities that require energy, that maybe somehow You can keep control of.

I also am trying to practice abstinence. Easier said than done. But I believe much of my power should be restored if I succeed with this.

What about previous spells that have been cast? Can they still be drawing power from you? and do wear off after a while? or would you have to do something like Break all the spells to be free from any energy draining?
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Re: Restoring Physical Energy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Good diet equals physical energy ,as long as you do not have disorders related with absorption of nutrients .
Good diet plan to go is :
55 % Carbohydrates
25 % Protein
20 % Fat (unsaturated if possible ).
Make sure you have enough vitamins and minerals .

I really do not know what will exhaust you so much physically if you are doing magical work .The only one thing ,which really puts me in bad physical shape is mediumship and channeling for more time ,than my physical body can handle .

Exercise :
Exercise any other day starting with half an hour and increase the intensity and the time as you go .

Beetroot and watercress are the plants ,which athletes use to recover physically faster .
Citrus fruits ,ginger ,Siberian ginseng ,gotu kola ,Maitake (type of mushroom ),guarana are commonly used too .
Vitamins of the B family are crucial for the energy metabolism .Especially Folate (Folic Acid ),Biotin ,Vitamin B 12 .In the process Vitamin C and Iron also play a role .

For crystal red jasper should work .
I use also Tai Chi ,Qi Qong ( Chi Kung )and Yoga .Some chakra balancing should also help .

Overall we need to ground after any type of energetic work !
I do not get tired as I said from casting ,so you probably do not do something correct or you do not ground at all .
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Re: Restoring Physical Energy
Post # 3
Yes. Matter of fact I had become verry ungrounded, I had been using moldavite, plus many other stones. But the Moldavite made me all the more ungrounded, and Had a hard time grounding.
I haven't really cast any spells. well, unintentionally, though I did unwittingly cast some, out of curiosity, Wondering what, if anything, will happen, if I put flower petals by my pillow at night, or some stones underneath my pillow.

I also had been doing sweats quite a bit, fasting and cleansing.

I just think that I should have more energy at my age. The winter does take a toll on me too though.

I will do more grounding though. Maybe I should do every day, morning, and before bed.
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Re: Restoring Physical Energy
Post # 4
I'm a body builder if your really looking to get in good shape & build strength message me you size & body weight if u can or can't hit a gym doesn't matter I got work outs for years & nutritious facts btw 25 percent fat is bad when your trying to build shredded. Muscle. As for everything else I can't help I'm a begginer in spells & is desperately. Trying. To astral travel to join the war my brother placed himself in
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Re: Restoring Physical Energy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
JyinOfLight ,please note he is not trying to build muscle ,but to get in shape .You can not start gaining muscles mass ,without getting in shape first .So the dietary plan I gave is according the physical exercise I gave as example .I did not mention lifting weights and very hard cardiovascular exercises .You need more protein only if you are recovering your muscles and gaining immediate muscle mass .The energy of the body comes from Carbs .Carbs give you less energy than fat, but this energy is used straight way .The body generates ATP faster from Carbs ,than anything else .As for the fat you anyway get 20 % of your calories no matter what you do ,because they are many different types of fat in many different foods .
As his muscle mass increases he may need to lessen the fat and increase the protein intake .
He needs energy not muscle and he is not about to do bodybuilding from what I understood ,therefore this plan and all advice I gave are absolutely legit for his situation .
If he mentioned he is about to build muscle mass fast I would have given entirely different nutritional ratio .
Also lean mass results in increase in Resting Energy Expenditure ,so you do need fat to supply the extra amount calories your body needs on long terms .On the top of that you need the fat ,because Vitamins A,D,K ,E are only fat soluble .Those also play role in the metabolism and body functions .You hope you do understand muscles are simply one part of entire body and the body as whole feeds them .The body needs all nutrients in order to function enough well to pomp muscles and enough energy to sustain them .
Lentuk was not looking for personal trainer or bodybuilder ,but for few solutions for his situation .
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