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Post # 1
what am i, plz tell me, is magic real

Re: whAT AM I
Post # 2
plz tell me, i have vains that are purple and blue. DONT delete these post

Re: whAT AM I
Post # 3
You're human just like the rest of us.

Re: whAT AM I
Post # 4
Magic is very real and it's up to you who are or who you want to become. We all possess magic within us and it's up to us as individuals how we would like to pursue that path. Learning as much as you can will help you tremendously..Blessed be and may the Goddess guide you )O(

Re: whAT AM I
Post # 5
well .....
as a human I have always asked my self the same question but in the end you'll always be a human and for my self I am proud about it and magic is real and bible and koran talked about it so you can not ignore this fact

Re: whAT AM I
By: / Novice
Post # 6
you're human. a person can only be a human. some people are psi vampires, some feel they have the spirit of an animal inside them, but you're human. if you believe you are a witch, it doesn't change the fact you're human, it just means you follow a more magical path, strive to learn, and try to be 'of the earth'. [recycle for instance]

magic is real, but there are limits. magic is energy found in nature. magic is using this energy to influence your life for the better. there are limits, if it's against nature, it cannot be done. you cannot grow wings, turn invisible, transform, and so on. magic can be used to influence love, health, wealth and luck, it can be used to cleanse, protect, even curse. but real magic [k] isn't something you see in movies or tv, learn about real magic [k] before going any further.

Re: whAT AM I
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
You already asked this question on Mar 11th and received a number of the same replies you're receiving now. Continuing to post the same question over and over is considered spam and is not permitted on this board.

As others have said, you are a human and will remain so. It is perfectly normal for one's veins to appear bluish or purplish.

Re: whAT AM I
Post # 8
to add to the others, magic is found in all of us. it's just us who choose to learn how to use it that can use it. people in my school ask me if i 'possess" magic, and i tell them we all do. when i tell them that they do not believe me. and yes magic is real. the only thing i have really done so far is read somebody's aura and make a psi ball, but it is magic.

Re: whAT AM I
Post # 9
You are a human who is curious about magick. That's it. If you want to learn, read as much as you can on the subject. On this site alone, you can find info. New to magick? Read Basics Extended in the forums. Also there are free ebooks. Read and learn. May you find what you seek.........Blessed Be...

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