glamour magick

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> glamour magick

glamour magick
Post # 1
Ive read about fairy glamour that momentarily changes ur appearance so im wondering does anyone know a spell to make u look as u imagine.

P.s I asked for a spell not ur opinion on the matter. Dont comment if ur gonna put ur 2 cents in. Dont care n its a waste because ill simply ignore u. Thanks :)
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Re: glamour magick
Post # 2
I don't personally believe in such spells, but I'll tell you what I've read on them. They give the illusion of change. They don't physically change you of course. Scott Cunningham touches on the subject in his book The Magical Household: Spells & Rituals for the Home. One method he gives is to stand before your mirror daily, while brushing your hair. As you brush your hair visualize each brushstroke causing the change you desire. Now, this will take time and, as previously said, it will only give the illusion of slight changes to your appearance.
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Re: glamour magick
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Its a recession,so I dont have money to toss in, even a couple of cents. I do however have truth and reality that you may have for free. Such spells do not exist. You can not alter your physical form in such a way though magic. What you can do is keep your ideal image in mind and do those things that are within the realm of possibility to make yourself similar. You can change your body shape by diet and exercise to become smaller or more fit, you can drink protein shakes and eat high calorie food to make yourself bigger. You can buy hair dye or colored contacts. You can even go to a cosmetic surgeon and have alterations made to your body.
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Re: glamour magick
By: / Novice
Post # 4
my country just got rid of the penny, so i can't give you my two cents. magic cannot change your appearance permanently, or even slightly, these spells create an illusion for others. i believe i've seen a couple spells where you have to visualize your desired outcome and that's what others would see, but it's like putting on makeup, it hides the real you, not transforms you into that. plus, like makeup, i'm guessing you'll have to recast often.
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Re: glamour magick
Post # 5
Thankyou Lonicera I had forgot to mention (this part is for the unnecessary crappy jokes) that I wanted a n illusion not an actual change. Have a nice day n blessed be :)
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