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Post # 1
i just found out that my aunt faye was a wiccan, but then started seeing demons and switched to cristianity. i alwaays knew her as extremely christian, but when she found out my interest in wicca, she started revealing her darker past. now she wants me to stay aaway from wicca, but i don't think i can. what should i do?
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Re: lineage
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You two are two very different people. She cant live your life and you cant live hers. However I firmly believe in RESPECT. And she is your elder. Explain to her that you love her, that you know that shes trying to look out for your well being. Explain that you will come to her when or if you ever find yourself in trouble. But that you have to choose your own path. Never at any time during this conversation be disrespectful of your Aunt. She loves you and wants whats best for you.
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Re: lineage
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
So my first question is, do you want to become a Wiccan? Or are you merely interested in studying the beliefs and practices of Wicca as you have studied other religions? If it's the latter then perhaps you can comfort your Aunt by explaining that you are simply looking at it from a scholarly standpoint, not as one who is actually going to become a practitioner of that religion.

If you are actually looking at becoming Wiccan and turning away from your Christian beliefs, that is really a choice that only you can make. You can thank her for her concern as was already mentioned. Or you can simply not discuss the topic around her where it can distress her. (I'm assuming you're not living under her roof!)

But how best to approach her is going to depend very much on what sort of interest you truly have in Wicca.
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Re: lineage
Post # 4

While I do very much agree with the two above me here I will say that on the bright side, if you stay healthy and keep away from any suspiscious "herbs" people might try selling you simply becoming Wiccan really shouldn't cause you demonic visions. Wicca is really a peaceful form of Neo-Paganism in my opinion that is more about inner and physical health than anything else (with a side of confidence).

It is a personal choice, whichever path in general that you find brings you most inner peace and really settles your spiritual qualms is the way for you to go.

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Re: lineage
Post # 5
lark, it's gonna be hard not to bring it up around her. she comes to my father's when i'm there and asks if i've stayed away from wicca. and i have thought about telling her that i need to live my own life, walk my own path, and take respnsibility for my own actions. but she is extremely religious and so is the rest of my family on her side.
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