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Dream interp
Post # 1
I have had some dreams about my dog who died three days and three months ago and I would say that she is my familiar... and does this mean that she hasn't moved on or I haven't moved on, or she still is loyal.
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Re: Dream interp
Post # 2

If you can remember exactly how long ago your dog died chances you're dreaming about her because you aren't over it. It's normal and understandable, an animal especially one so close dying can be a hard experience to sleep through.

Just remember to get plenty of sleep and know that she's at rest now and nothing can bother her.

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Re: Dream interp
By: / Novice
Post # 3
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Re: Dream interp
By: / Novice
Post # 4
You're probably still hurt about the loss. If the dog was your familiar you would of had a very strong connection in life. My first dog was my familiar, when we met I was drawn to him, he was far away from where my family was in the shelter and I felt compelled to go into a different room. When he died i was at school and suddenly I felt a pain and got a feeling something was wrong with my dog. When I returned home my family discover he was taken, a few days later my dad found him shot in our field. The point is you'll have a bond with your familiar more than if you're close with the animal. Not sayong your bond was any less powerful, but you're still upset by his passing. Meditate, see if you can connect with his spirit. When Barney died his soul stayed for a few years. Same with a lot of animals they might stay for a little while longer, normally when they die suddenly.
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