Full Moon March 27th

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Full Moon March 27th
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Merry meet!

Well, Mercury retrograde will come to an end on March 17th. Then some time later on March 27th were having a Full Moon.

Susan Miller at her astrology website AstrolyZone had this to say about the upcoming Full Moon (applied to Gemini):

"This month's full moon, March 27, will be an angry one. It will fall in Libra, 7 degrees, and light your solar fifth house of love, children, pregnancy, and creative projects, so one of these areas will likely become an area of concern. This full moon will receive an opposition of Uranus, so news could be jarring and unpredictable. News about a lover, or one of your children, would not be expected. Uranus will conjunct the Sun, and will be close to Mars, so a friend may also be unstable.

To add more tension, we need to add Pluto into the mix at 11 degrees Capricorn in a difficult "square" (a hard angle) to feisty Mars. This last aspect could translate into the need to spend a lot of money or to present a petition to an insurance company for money you feel you are due, as two examples. Everyone will feel the effects of this full moon, but the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, with those born at the end of March, end of September, end of June, and end December will feel this full moon more than most, and may notice more stress, I am so sorry to say. Keep your schedule clear so that you can go off in any direction, and try not to be out of town during this full moon of March 27."

Well, that's some Moon. Do you feel the upcoming Full Moon will be an angry one as S. Miller points out? Has anyone asked you to refrain from casting any spells on March 27th? Or, is it a great idea to cast a powerful spell that day because of the special energies?

Blessed be.
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Re: Full Moon March 27th
Post # 2
Full moon makes me what to howl I am going to a the Drawing Down the Moon ritual when the weather is warmer
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