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Banishing Spell
Post # 1
A few weeks ago I found this site and signed up. I was looking for some sort of spell to help me. I have been married for four years to a lovely man but his mother is very controlling she has to know everything about our lives, she comes on holidays with us she's very manipulative and I can see right through her. I recently had a baby she retired so that she can spend a few days a week with us she's even taking over my son's wardrobe. I have tried talking to her alot of times she doesn't seem to get it. I've even dropped hints. My father in-law is miserable with her but he can't stand up to her. She's turned her daughter against him it's terrible how they treat him :(
I have been meditating and I tried contacting my spirit guide today the name Aaron keeps popping in my head. Are there any banishing spells I can do? I am aware of karma and I have tried reasoning with her but she's delusional. Anyone with any spell suggestions please
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Re: Banishing Spell
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Instead of a banishing spell maybe try a binding spell. Try to bind the way she acts. I think that might work better and be less harmful on the long run
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Re: Banishing Spell
Post # 3
It might be better if you consider family counseling or a family intervention. Sometimes magic and spells can't deal with situations like that. I have been in similiar situations except with me being the child in a setting where my father remarried and my stepmother was obsessively controlling. It was awful to not even have my dad there to stand up for me against her. Honestly, counseling is sometimes the only thing that can be done.
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Re: Banishing Spell
Post # 4
Since this is a magical forum, I will give you magical advice.

I agree a binding spell is the way to go. I usually perform these much like a witches bottle. These are pretty effective. Perform on a waning moon of course. It is more powerful if you create it yourself, ie choose some of the ingredients yourself. Plus of course a picture of your target along with her name. Bind these together with red cord or spider web. I usually personalize the ingredients according to the qualities in them I want to bind/neutralize.

Bury the bottle upside down on your property.

You could also try the honey jar spell to sweeten your interactions with her, or the freeze spell.

I also always accompany these workings with a full moon candle working for my own personal strength to endure the situation.

I wish you luck in your endeavors

Brightest blessings
Dark Moon
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